How to Enhance Memory by Using Essential Oils


Retaining memory is a vital function of the brain and should be further enhanced by eating nourishing foods. We depend on our memory for multitasking and for the proper completion of tasks. The short term retention assists us in the completion of our various routine tasks, whereas the long term memory is of course needed for the retention of information over long periods of time and which is required frequently. Besides consuming healthy foods, we can also opt for the use of essential oils which greatly benefits in the enhancement of memory.

Research has also shown that memory can be boosted by the use of a particular fragrance. Remember how certain smells can arouse old memories? The research is also based on this theory. Rosemary is one of the essential oils commonly used in aromatherapy massage for relaxation. Now research has shown that the fragrance emitted from rosemary is a great mental stimulant. It enhances brain activity and therefore also aids in memory retention.

Similarly sage has also been proven to be an essential oil which facilitates receptive memory in our brain. There are other essential oils that have the same effect on brain; for instance basil and bay laurel. All of these enhance brain activity. You can try this experiment at home yourself. While you are studying for something; keep these oils nearby or even their twigs so that you breathe in their fragrant smells. And once when you are trying to recreate what you were studying, have a sniff of those same smells and you will realize how easy it is for you remember most of what was learnt. This method can also be used while you are working in the office.

This particular quality possessed by rosemary has been known for a long time; in fact Shakespeare also mentions it in one of his plays – Hamlet, when Ophelia comments, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray you, love, remember.”

But we cannot rely on famous poetry alone. One of the recently done researches shows that rosemary actually did improve adult’s ability to recollect past incidences more. Also they retained instructions for future tasks a lot more than they did earlier. This clearly concludes that rosemary or its essential oil can be effectively used to improve memory and counteract memory loss related to age.

Eucalyptus also improves concentration levels and helps in attention retention; both of these things play a big role in enhancing memory. Lemongrass has also exhibited properties that stimulate the mood and develop attentiveness and alertness.

These essential oils can be used separately and together as an oil blend for more far reaching effects. One refreshing blend can be made by combining bergamot, lemongrass, peppermint and basil.

Traces of chemicals released from these oils have been found in the bloodstream sometime after they are inhaled or massaged into the skin. Therefore, although these essential oils possess beneficial properties, like memory improvement, pregnant women and people with some illness should only use these oils after they have consulted with the doctor.

Author Bio :- Julie Roy is a freelancer writer. She has been writing on different topics for the past several years. Now she writes on benefits of essential oils to help folks to get more fresh new information on essential oils.


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