9 Olive Leaf Extract Health Benefits That You Should Know About

9 Olive Leaf Extract Health Benefits

Most people know that olive oil is good for you, but not everyone realizes that olive leaf extract provides benefits that could help you right this minute. There’s even research that proves a properly prepared extract can help improve the health of canines as well as humans. Is olive leaf extract right for you? Consider these benefits and see what you think.

Normalizing Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is sometimes referred to as a silent killer. That’s because your blood pressure can be elevated without you knowing what’s happening. Left unchecked, this condition can lead to a stroke or even a heart attack. Even if you don’t die, the quality of your life can be compromised for a long time. 

With regular doses, olive leaf extract can incrementally lower your blood pressure. The nice thing is that no study indicates it will cause blood pressure to drop below a normal level. This normalizing effect will help you avoid potential health threats without experiencing the side effects that come with some blood pressure medications. 

Easing the Discomfort of Arthritis

Inflammation plays a major role in conditions like arthritis. From oral medications to topical products, the goal is usually to reduce inflammation and promote movement with less pain. Did you know that a responsibly processed olive leaf extract can also reduce inflammation?

With the right dosage, you’ll notice that the stiffness in your joints is kept to a minimum. Think of what that means in terms of being able to manage tasks around the house, going for a walk or even enjoying a meal out without wondering if you can hold the silverware properly. 

Protecting Your Cognitive Abilities

There is some evidence that olive leaf extract protects your cognitive abilities. That includes your memory, the ability to retain and assimilate information and the enjoyment of a greater level of mental clarity. You’ll feel more aware of what’s going on around you, more competent to participate in conversations at work or at home and in general more in control of your own mind.

Easing Certain Symptoms Associated With Anxiety Disorders

The impact on your brain and nervous system extends beyond protecting and possibly improving cognitive function. Some patients suffering from anxiety and panic disorders report that regular doses of olive leaf extract help to calm the mind-racing, derealization and depersonalization that comes with these disorders. While there is a difference of opinion about how it works, the anti-inflammatory properties of the extract seem to calm the nervous system and reduce the risk of the body’s fight-or-flight impulse misfiring.

And Helping With Recovery from Mild to Moderate Depression

Anxiety is not the only emotional illness that the extract seems to help. Inflammation is often found in people suffering from mild to moderate depression. There are reports that an extract created using an extraction process designed to protect the leaves’ chemical makeup can be especially effective. A product like d-Lenolate is an example of a nutritional supplement that could help ease depression symptoms. Best of all, there are no indications that taking the extract will trigger side effects with any medication that you’re currently taking.

Assisting With Your Energy Levels

In conjunction with helping reduce the frequency and severity of panic attacks and bouts of depression, you may find that the extract helps to fight the fatigue that is common with anxiety and other types of emotional disorders. Anyone who has lived with a diagnosed anxiety disorder knows how emotionally and physically draining the condition happens to be. When the nervous system is calmed, the mind and body feel less fatigued. That benefit definitely improves your quality of life. 

Aiding in Blood-Glucose-Level Management

Much of the attention on the effects of olive leaf extract on blood glucose has to do with preventing type 2 diabetes from developing. In fact, it can also be helpful for people who seek to manage their diabetes by using nutritional products. The extract helps to reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes. That, in turn, reduces the potential for diabetic neuropathy and other complications. While a sensible diet and exercise are still important, the extract may help slow the progression of the disease.

Helping To Lower Bad Cholesterol

High levels of LDL or bad cholesterol also increase the risk of a heart attack. An unfortunate side effect of some medications intended to reduce bad cholesterol is that they also lower your levels of HDL or good cholesterol. Olive leaf extract seems to protect your good cholesterol while gradually lowering the bad. The result is that your level returns to a healthy range and you also experience an improvement in your A1C levels at the same time.

Minimizing the Risk of Certain Types of Cancer

There is some evidence that olive leaf extract helps prevent the formation and growth of certain types of cancer cells. These include skin, breast, bladder and prostate cancers. Additional research is underway to determine if the extract may help reduce the risks of developing other forms of cancer.

The bottom line is that a carefully prepared olive leaf extract has the potential to reduce the chances for developing some health issues while also aiding in the treatment or management of others. Would the extract help you? Try it for a couple of months and see what happens. You may find that it’s something you want to have in your arsenal of health products at all times.

Author-Bio: Geoff Melcher is the Vice President at East Park Research in Las Vegas, NV. East Park Research has studied the healing properties of the olive leaf, resulting in the development of a unique olive leaf extract formulation – d-Lenolate.


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