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Chandra Bhushan is a professional fitness writer, blogger and editor based in Delhi, India. He has been writing for health, fitness, weight loss, beauty etc topics on, He talks about best whey protein and best protein powders. He writes for many print and online sites, self-published a book of fitness, health stories, His aim to make aware people for their fitness.

11 Simple Tips to Make Your Weight Loss Journey Great Fun

Many people understand the dangers of being overweight or obese, the only challenge is making the lifestyle changes required to achieve and maintain such a healthy lifestyle. If you are in such a predicament, I fully understand your plight. Looking at all your friends, models, and athletes in great shape makes you yearn to just skip the weight loss period ... Read More »

5 Benefits of Stomach Massage for Weight Loss and Metabolism

There are few things in this world that are quite as beneficial and relaxing as a good massage.  All kinds of massages are beneficial, be it in a relaxing massage recliner or in a fancy massage parlor. New research has linked different kinds of massages to having physical benefits as well.  For example, the abdominal massage is now known to ... Read More »

All About Cryotherapy: The Treatment And Side Effects!

Have you heard about Cryotherapy? Do you want to know the importance and benefits of Cryotherapy? If yes, then you are on right place. This is a treatment that is used to treat a variety of precancerous and cancerous conditions. The word Cryotherapy has driven from 2 words Cryo and Therapy. Cryo stands for frost, or cold and therapy word ... Read More »

Simple Nutrition Tips That Anyone Can Use

Choosing the right foods is not always as easy as consumers hope. Aggressive marketing campaigns have led to a number of foods and food products being labeled as healthy when they really are not. Fortunately, however, it doesn’t take much for people to educate themselves. When you’re armed with the right information, you can make wise choices in the grocery ... Read More »

5 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is French for sour wine.  Pretty aptly named don’t you think?  Apple cider vinegar, which I guess could be considered sour apple wine, is one of those things I put in the MacGyver category of products.  Along with baking soda and coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, like MacGyver, does so much with so little.  So next time you have to ... Read More »

What Is The Olympic Weight Bench For Weightlifting

What is an Olympic weights bench, and how do they compare to the standard ones that are typically found at your local store? They are more sturdy than a regular one and tend to be one of the best weight benches on the market today. Even as a weight lifter gets stronger they will not need to upgrade their bench ... Read More »

Top 27 Best Foods To Fight Arthritis

Nowadays Arthritis is common symptom facing by people. Adding these foods to  your balance diet one can ease the symptom of arthritis as they have components which help to lower the inflammation, strengthen bones and boost the immune system. CAULIFLOWER GINGER LEMON AVOCADO BASIL SPINACH CELERY BLACK PEPPER PEAS CARROTS ARTICHOKE LETTUCE BRUSSELS SPROUTS SWEET POTATO BELL PEPPERS OREGANO FIGS ... Read More »

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