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What Is The Olympic Weight Bench For Weightlifting

What is an Olympic weights bench, and how do they compare to the standard ones that are typically found at your local store? They are more sturdy than a regular one and tend to be one of the best weight benches on the market today. Even as a weight lifter gets stronger they will not need to upgrade their bench ... Read More »

Where Does The Fat Go When Excessive Weight Is Lost?

It is commonly believed that when fat is burned during exercise it is used as fuel for heat or energy in the body. Some people are of the opinion that fat gets excreted from the body as waste matter, while others believe that fat gets converted into muscle. Image Source: According to new research, all of the above ideas ... Read More »

Now is the Time to Kick Start Your Christmas Diet

It’s never too early to start the Christmas diet. With the cold air creeping in and the frost on the ground, now is a great time to start taking stock of your eating habits. Okay, so it may be comforting to sit in front of the television, snuggled up under a blanket, eating biscuits and drinking hot chocolate. While whipped ... Read More »

Winding Down After Exercise

Everybody knows that regular exercise is important to keeping a healthy heart and body. However in most cases winding down after exercise can sometimes be as important as the workout in its own right, as this is where you may be tempted to relapse into bad habits. Like adding sealant to a finely crafted wood sculpture, winding down properly after ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is very important and therefore should be prioritized by everyone seeking to live a healthy lifestyle. It is important to increase physical activities today more than ever before and especially at this time when many are embracing a more inactive lifestyle. Lifts and vehicles have made us lazy and everything is becoming so simple such that we seldom ... Read More »

Myths and facts about fake tanning

 Few fake tans leave impacts only for the short periods while others containing DHA, i.e. Dihydroxyacetone leave long lasting effects on the skin by changing its colour. Certain aspects related to the myths and facts about fake tanning are furnished as under –   1. A wait of four hours is compulsory after fake tanning to shower – It all ... Read More »

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