How 30 Day Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life?


30 Days Yoga Teacher Training is an extolling journey of transformation and self-explanation making you a yoga brigade whose dream to become a yoga teacher gets a kick start. It is an interesting beginning but bit painful. As you cross one milestone you realize there is much more still to learn and levels to cross. However, in these 30 days you would start celebrating your yogi life and began to perceive and taste the world with many different palatable tangs. You would learn there is a whole new world that is far more beautiful and lovely than your current life.

After these 30 days of the training period, you could help your student get relief from the back pain, or spondylitis, and guide them on basic yoga asanas, or shamatha practice but there still remains so much to know and unearth.

But here are some of the principles that you would learn which would incredibly bring change in your life.

You will learn to Breathe- A basic thing for healthy life

You learn to breathe. This is not normal breathing pattern but few imperative breathing techniques of pranayama.  Pranayama is a life force in which you control the duration of inhale, exhale and retention. This breathing exercise brings out the considerable change in the quality and quantity of prana and health and state of mind.

Discipline life

Early it was not easy to gain a disciplined life, waking up at 4: 15 am. It was also not easy to remain stick with the daily schedule, to retrospect and self-reflect.  But during these 30 days, basic lesson is learned, how to keep your life in routine in spite of challenges and difficulties. There is always something for you to be grateful of.

Get Connected

You are connected with the mind, spirit, body and feel connected with the world and the whole universe outside.  The basic essence of yoga is attaining the state of the unification of the body, with self and spirit, and how to achieve it. It is about mental possession of the life energy and force and learning to control body senses and mind. While doing yoga, you would feel the release of the emotions in which you would feel embarrassed but you would ultimately feel you are stress relieved and calm.  You also learn compassion and passionate with your body, overcome weaknesses and gain new strength and vigor.

There is more to meditation than simply resting in peace

Meditation is not about only calming down and resting in peace, but there is more to it. As you sit in stillness and go inwards you would move into the state of pure bliss and rejuvenation.  You would get into the inner space that comforts your mind and allows yourself to pass through without judgment or analysis. Through this process, the mind would slow down and get quieter and it is in this space that we can return home within, devoid of any distractions or business and discover our true nature.

Learn the values of life

You would learn the values of life. A simple and non-materialistic life endowed with noble virtues. Learn about Hindu scriptures which are life philosophies and in which are inscribed intricacies of life that we must adapt. These life lessons are not of one religion or sect but different paradigms of life. Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras are not just philosophies but life, science, and art of living. And through this art, you could make your life beautiful. You would gain passion, strength, and gratitude.

30 days Yoga teacher training is a beginning of a new life that is far more wonderful, lovely, joyous, spiritual, and of course healthy. Through the asanas, meditation, and pranayama you would attain those lessons of life which no School might have taught you. It is a beginning of a learning phase in which you would gain the wealth of knowledge but also the booster for you to continue to learn in a robe of the yogi.

Author-Bio: Born with a compassionate heart, Steve is a leading writer and a yoga fanatic from India. An avid traveler, he has visited the recesses of his motherland, only to come back with intricate information about ancient practices, which he shares through his writing. He is actively involved in yoga and run yoga school. To know more about him, visit:


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