What Is The Olympic Weight Bench For Weightlifting


What is an Olympic weights bench, and how do they compare to the standard ones that are typically found at your local store? They are more sturdy than a regular one and tend to be one of the best weight benches on the market today. Even as a weight lifter gets stronger they will not need to upgrade their bench as an Olympic weight bench is heavy enough to handle quiet a lot of weight on it. This includes no worries of the bench tipping over because it is top heavy. On an Olympic weight bench the barbell will be generally larger than that of a standard weights bench. Olympic Weights Benches are heavier providing a more thorough work out for those that can handle heavier weights.

Benefits of the Olympic Benches

You need not be an Olympian or aspire to be an Olympian, whether it is in terms of the Olympic Games’ weightlifting event or the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest, if you want to purchase an Olympic weight bench.  Many of the consumers who bought these weight benches just wanted a better product than their standard benches.  Of course, once you have one of these Olympic weight benches, you will almost immediately feel the difference.

The Olympic benches are more durable by virtue of the thicker high-grade steel used for the frame structure coupled with reinforced legs.  You are assured that even the weight of a Mr. Olympia can be supported by the bench without fear of cracking, bending and breaking in two.

You are also more comfortable while lifting weights, thanks to the thicker pads on the seat.  Even when you are lifting heavier-than-average weights, your back or buttocks will not be made uncomfortable by wood poking through the thick padding.

And of course, the free weights possible with Olympic weight benches are often of the heavier kind.  This is not to say that the standard benches are for puny individuals just that an Olympic bench is made for extreme stress while in use.  Plus, you cannot deny that the likes of Olympians and Mr. Olympians can lift weights greater than almost anybody else in your average local gym.

The Difference Between a Standard and an Olympic Weight Bench?

Generally a weight bench for sale will be less expensive than an Olympic one. The standard benches are easier to maintain at home in smaller spaces. Some of the benefits of an Olympic weight bench are the materials are of higher quality meaning that the bars can take more weight on them before they bend, where as a standard bar will only take about 200lbs before it bends. There is less torque as the movements are more fluent and less likely to harm the athlete, do to a sudden stop or jar can be detrimental for muscles and injury when lifting heavy weights.

Olympic Weight Bench Pros:

Olympic Weights Benches are guaranteed to be competition grade, meaning that trainers are able to practice with the appropriate quality competition items, and even those whom are home users will be able to benefit from the quality at a competition level.

On some of the plates of an Olympic grade bench they will have rubber protection, so if the plates are dropped they will not break unlike the pure iron ones, this is also good for those with tiled or wooden floor surfaces. There are several other options that can come with Olympic grade benches such as plates that are resistant to paint chips and of course rust from sweat.  The grip plates have handles that are built into them, meaning transferring plates is safer and easier.

Olympic Weight Bench Cons:

There are benefits when compared to the standard at home weights benches you can purchase at cheaper prices. Generally one can get the standard bench and accessories for 50% cheaper than the Olympic grade benches. The dumbbell handles themselves tend to be shorter, and most athletes tend to prefer these when it is for a standard work out. As well with the standard benches the bar itself has a lock that will keep the plates from slipping off and falling to the ground, unlike the Olympic grade they are held on by the pressure of the plates pushing against one another.

Considerations in Choosing

However, as with the standard bench, the considerations in choosing the Olympic bench are similar.

  • First, you have to determine how the bench will fit into your exercise goals. For example, if you wish to build lean mass but not compete in Mr. Olympia, then the simpler (read: less number of attachments and accessories) but more affordable bench is the right choice.
  • Second, you must look at the totality of the package in regards to the price. In most instances, Olympic weight benches are more expensive than their standard counterparts so getting great value for your money is as important as ever. Your considerations in this aspect should include the warranty on the various parts of the bench especially when you intend to use it frequently.
  • Third, you may want to look at the product itself in a store before logging online for your final choice. You can then compare your impressions of the bench with the reviews of the actual consumers of the product before making your decision.


For those looking to purchase the Olympic grade they are generally a superior model, and will give a trainer the benefits of a more fulfilling work out with all the advantages of high grade equipment and one of the most professional kits money can buy. If you are serious about developing muscle and weight lifting then the Olympic Weights bench is an essential step in the right direction.And the https://weightbenchguide.com/can help you to know more information about weightlifting.

In this way, you can avail of better deals on Olympic weight benches.  We suggest looking at benches like the Giant Olympic weight bench with its attached leg developer and the body champ Olympic weight bench, both of which have received positive reviews from trainers and bodybuilders alike.

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