4 of the Best Weight Loss Supplements in the Market


Making use of the best supplements for weight loss can dramatically improve your health, both physically and emotionally. Since many weight loss tactics turn out to be slow and inefficient, most people opt for a range of diet supplements to lose weight, increase metabolism, block fat absorption, and decrease their appetite to speed up the process. Although you get a range of products, it is not advised to experiment on your own, as it may pose a risk of heart stroke or attack. Hence, deciding on the best supplement that would be safe and helpful may be little harder.

We’ve listed below some of the proven weight loss supplements that you can purchase at local medical shops –

  1. Green Tea Extract
    Green tea has many healthy antioxidants that help you to lose weight. There are many studies that illustrate the effectiveness of green tea extract. Many researches show that regular consumption of green tea may improve chances of weight loss by increasing the use of energy. Few ingredients in green tea extract, which are capable of reducing body fat, include theanine, caffeine, and catechins. The regular green tea has more effect than the decaffeinated green tea. It helps reduce belly fat, cholesterol level, and blood pressure that have been associated with increased risk of death.
  2. Calcium Supplements
    You might have already known the purpose of calcium in human body; not only does it relate to bone health, but also plays an equally important role in burning fat. It is possible to lose weight by consuming low-fat dairy foods combined with calcium supplements and reduced calorie diet. Although there may not be significant amount of fat loss, there is a strong relationship between weight loss and calcium supplements.
  3. Natural FiberOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to shedding weight, supplements that help keep you full can make it a lot easier to reduce the quantity of food you intake. Fibers that stay in stomach longer and delay gastric emptying will make you feel fuller. An appropriate amount of fiber, like psyllium or bran can definitely do this.

But, it is recommended not to consume too much. You can consider fibers as dietary supplement as you’ll feel less hungry and eventually lose more fat.

Men and women under age 50 can consume 38g and 25g of fiber respectively, on daily basis, while men and women above 50, can shouldn’t consume more than 30g and 21g respectively.

Meal Replacements

It is the best proven weight loss supplement; usage of shakes and bars can work really well when used as per the instructions. You can replace your breakfast and meal with calorie-controlled food with the addition of fresh vegetables or fruit.

If this plan is followed, it will yield in long term success. It is the most efficient and safest method to lose body weight.

Make sure that products you choose are regulated by FDA or USP and ask your physician or fitness teacher before using any supplements and follow the instructions given properly, as some may cause high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

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