Make Health Your Ultimate Goal, Not Weight Loss.


Let’s be honest. Your goal is probably to lose weight fast. This is perfectly fine, but your primary goal shouldn’t be to lose weight – it should be to improve your health. If your only goal is to lose weight, you are more likely to become impatient for results and this often leads to unhealthy fat diets which make you lose a ridiculous amount of weight in a very short period of time. By making health your goal and not weight loss, you will not only improve your health, but also your physique as well. Sounds crazy, but this is the most effective method to losing weight.

Increase Your Knowledge of Nutrition

Using good nutrition is a critical factor when it comes to getting healthy. Making health a priority means making sure that you are consuming the right amount of calories each day as well as the right types of nutrients that your body needs. Make sure your getting an adequate amount of protein, healthy fats and good sources of carbohydrates to help you do so. Also don’t forget about fruits and vegetables.

In addition to this, you should always be reading your nutrition labels. Always make sure you take a look at the ingredients in that each particular food you’re eating and look at the amount of carbs, proteins and fats to make sure you’re getting a complete balance. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if a food has more than 5 ingredients in the list, you should avoid it. Another good tip is to always shop on the outside perimeter of the grocery store, since this is going to be where most nutritious foods are going to be.

Establish a Regular Workout Regimen

Exercise is an important part to achieving long term weight loss goals and for improving your health. Working out regularly can increase blood circulation, build muscle, help you lose fat, improve bone density, improve mental health and a whole host of other benefits as well. Working out regularly will leave you stronger, leaner and more muscular.

Always make sure to choose a workout program that is suitable for your goals. In the case of weight loss, you should be focusing primarily on cardio and on weightlifting, since cardio will help you burn additional calories and weightlifting will increase the amount of muscle on your body, allowing you to burn additional calories as well.

I also find that it’s much more fun to workout when you choose a workout program centered around improving your fitness goals. For example, if your goal is to gain muscle fast then you should choose a workout program centered around that particular goal – in this case you would focus on weightlifting. You’re going to become healthier and you will have a much better time working out this way as well. Not to mention your motivation will go through the roof!

Reducing Stress through Adequate Rest

Relaxation and resting are also things that you should keep in mind. With today’s society becoming ever more demanding, it can be hard to make enough relaxation time for ourselves. But rest and relaxation are important for keeping your stress levels down, something that can have a negative effect on your health as well as your weight loss goals. When you get your proper rest each night, your body also maintains a proper hormonal balance. Not sleeping enough can lead to hormonal shifts which can leave you hungrier during the day, something you don’t want if your goal is weight loss. Sleeping the right amount each night will keep your stress levels low, allow you to make better choices regarding your diet and will increase your motivation to hit the gym.

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