5 Supplements to Boost Weight Loss and Increase Muscle Mass


For anyone attempting to make a healthy change to their body, the ultimate goals are usually to lose weight while also increasing muscle mass.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the foundations for achieving this goal.  However, there are some different supplements out there that can help you maximize your weight loss/muscle building efforts.  Here are five supplements that may give you the best chance for success in achieving your ultimate goals.

Green Coffee Extract – This is a supplement that is used to enhance weight loss.  Green coffee extract is derived from green coffee beans which are simply coffee beans that are still green because they have not been roasted.  These green coffee beans contain a chemical called chlorogenic acid that is believed to increase metabolism and decrease the amount of fat the body absorbs.  The supplement extracts this chlorogenic acid from the green coffee beans and produces a much higher dosage.

This product has recently been endorsed by Dr. Oz after he conducted a study on his show.  The study involved 100 women who were separated into two groups; a placebo group and a group that took green coffee extract.  Results showed that the group taking the extract lost on average twice as much weight as the placebo group.

Whey Protein – This is a protein supplement which helps the body increase muscle mass.  Whey protein is a by-product of turning milk into cheese.  There are two main types of whey protein: Whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate.  Whey protein isolate is a more pure form of protein than whey protein concentrate and is generally more expensive.  Whey protein isolate is usually about 90% pure protein whereas whey protein concentrate is usually about 75% pure protein.  Whey protein is believed to enhance strength training exercise and help you get the best results possible.  It is also believed that whey protein helps muscles with recovery from workouts.

Raspberry Ketones – Another supplement designed to aid in weight loss.  Raspberry ketones are a natural aromatic compound that is found in raspberries.  The ketones found in this compound are what are believed to give raspberry ketones their weight loss properties.  These ketones are believed to promote weight loss by assisting in breaking down fat cells and also have been linked to lower cholesterol levels.  This is another supplement that has recently been endorsed by the popular Dr. Oz on his show.  It is also believed that raspberry ketones may increase sensitivity to insulin along with possibly lowering cholesterol levels.

Tribulus– This is a supplement that is designed to increase muscle mass.Tribulus is derived from the plant TribulusTerrestris.  Tribulus is believed to help the body build muscle mass by increasing the body’s testosterone levels.  The way that Tribulus is believed to increase testosterone levels is by stimulating the luteinizing hormone, which causes the body to produce more testosterone.  If you combine these elevated testosterone levels with exercises designed to increase muscle mass; you should see improved results.  Tribulus is also used to help improve muscle recovery time and is commonly used by body builders and athletes.

Creatine – Much like Tribulus and Whey Protein; Creatine is designed to help a person build muscle mass.  Creatine is a natuarally occurring substance in the body.  The creatinesupplement is used to help people increase muscle mass, but in a different way.  Creatine provides the body with more energy, which in turn allows people to train harder and longer.  The increase in productivity people experience during their workouts leads to increased muscle mass.  Along with increased energy for workouts, creatine is also thought to help improve athletic performance in sports that require short bursts of speed.

The supplements listed in this article provide multiple options to help you improve your workouts and get better results.  However, they are not magical or miracle supplements that will change your body without the proper exercise and diet.  While regular exercise and a healthy diet are the basis for any successful body changing campaign, these supplements will help you maximize your efforts.  After all, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help when it comes to attempting something as challenging as making a positive change to your body.

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