Weight Loss: 5 Things that Can Cripple Your Efforts in Losing Weight


Every time overweight people ask for advice when they fail to lose weight, doctors generally offers a few suggestions, which if followed will set you on the right track.

For soda lovers, who enjoy drinking and fill up the recycling bin placed underneath their desk with heaps of soda bottles, it is advised to stop soda to lose weight. For the fast food aficionados who wonder what is stopping them from losing weight, it is suggested to keep away from fries and processed foods?

Have you been trying hard for very long to get in shape? Do you envy your friends who lose weight effortlessly unlike you who keeps starving and making all out efforts by going to the gym to lose weight and yet overweight?

Despite knowing all about nutrition and sticking with a healthy lifestyle, you are unable to lose as much weight you desire. Why is this so? Well, it could be because of some mistakes that you make which are crippling your weight loss attempts. Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you want to get in shape easily.

  • Rewarding Yourself with Unhealthy Foods for Sticking to Your Diet & Exercise Plan

If you are rewarding yourself with a piece of cake because you have been able to stick to your diet and exercise plans for the past few months, you are thwarting all your weight loss efforts and going back to your previous eating habits.

Keep track of the number of times you are rewarding yourself this way to know the amount of calories you consume. Instead of this you can reward yourself with a good book, a manicure and facial treatment.

  • You Claim Exercise doesn’t Seem to Help You with Weight Loss

The advice offered by health professionals about eating less and moving more, seems to be true when it comes to losing weight.  Exercise is a vital part of your weight loss attempts. Without exercise you can’t hope to lose the amount of weight you want to lose.

Simply thinking that by running on the treadmill for twenty minutes after consuming your favorite piece of cake isn’t going to help you lose weight. Exercise not only enhances hormonal functioning, but it also increases testosterone and helps burn calories easily.

Bottom Line: As long as you don’t go beyond things, exercise is an imperative part of your weight loss efforts.

  • You Are Not Enjoying Your Food

You need to treat eating as a relaxing, pleasurable, highly enjoyable experience. If you consider eating to be a stressful experience, then the stress is likely to take a toll on your health. Instead relax, sit back on the chair comfortably while having your meals. Take pleasure while eating and eat slowly, chew your food thoroughly. Making the mistake of eating fast and not chewing food properly can cripple your weight loss efforts.

  •  You Are Unaware About the Amount of Food You Consume

For those of you who eat in restaurants frequently, it is important to keep track on the amount of food you consume. The portions served in restaurants are huge and most of us do not measure them. You may be eating three servings of pasta at once and are unaware about the portion sizes. This makes you wonder why is it that I am unable to lose weight.

Measure your food portions and maintain a food diary to keep track of the amount of food you consume each day.

  • Skipping Important Meals, Going on Crash Diets

In an endeavor to burn up calories, most of us today skip important meals like breakfast. Breakfast is an important meal that kicks up your metabolism and offers you energy to carry out your work throughout the day. By skipping this important meal you will be burning fewer calories all day long and end up overeating later in the day. Avoiding fruits to lose weight is another mistake most of us make today. By skipping fruits, you will lose out on vitamins, minerals and fiber. Instead stick to a low-calorie diet and consume foods high on fiber to help you boost your weight loss efforts.

Apart from this, most overweight people take to crash diets, which are not very effective to help you lose weight. Instead choose HCG diet plans menus – solution to all your weight loss problems.


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