Shape Up With Coconut Oil


Shaping up is a goal that most people have. Only a few really have any reasons to remain unfit. As such, there are many who strive to get fit. Sadly, many of them end up failing as well. The causes for such failures are numerous and not always clear. However, among the most damaging is misinformation. With oils for example, only recently has it been cleared of distrust. Now, it has been proven to be most useful, especially for fitness.

Oil and Fitness

Oils are not the first items to think of involving fitness. Oils have always been the adversary. They make you fat. They make you sick. They impede the progress of your fitness goals. These are just some of what many said about oils.
Now though, science has proven many of these as false. The primary cause for the endemic worldwide obesity has been found. Its name is sugar. Contrary to that, many oils have been proven quite healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids are a prime example of this. Another would be Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil and Fitness

As cooking oil,Coconut Oil has a tremendous amount of benefits. It will not spoil for at least two years. Keep it properly stored and it would last even in room temperature. As such, you will not be in danger when consuming it.
On top of that, Coconut Oil has a high resistance to heat. This makes it less likely to produce free radicals. In case you don’t know, free radicals cause major diseases like cancer. So that by itself is a major plus over other oils.
But then again, you’re more interested in the fitness benefits, aren’t you? That’s why you’re here after all. Well have no fear. Listed below are the benefits of coconut oil in terms of fitness.
• It boosts the immune system.
• It has healthy calories.
• It is antimicrobial.
• It has medium-chain triglycerides.
• It boosts energy levels.
The boost in your immune system means fewer sick days. Fewer sick days then mean fewer interruptions to your workout routine.
Healthy calories are needed for building healthy muscles. The easier they are to use, they’ll be less likely to sit. This means less fat storage for you.
Its antimicrobial property helps keep you healthy. Not needing to deal with microbes means more focus on fitness.
Medium-chain triglycerides are easily digested fat. This means they are broken down easily. This then means you can use them more easily. As such, you get a better source of energy for fitness purposes. With more energy, you get more things done. Fitness progress is then earned faster.

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