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Working out and staying fit is a lifestyle many people are actually trying to maintain and the fact is that even though they have good intentions and strong will, they don’t actually have a routine which is beneficial to achieving their goals. However, for everyone who wants to follow this path, there are certain tips that can help.

Multiple joints with each move

Building muscles is going to be slow if only push downs and single joint exercises are on work out schedules, so people should consider other exercises. That is why these types of exercises need to be traded for narrow grip bench presses which help with sculpting the chest, bent over rows for building the back and biceps and also squats to build the back and legs.

Grip mixing for more repetitions

It’s recommend to mix grips for people whose forearms and hands give out before their legs. With one palm facing away and one facing towards them, grabbing a bar and exercising is very much recommended. Both hands can be switched for the next set. The grip can be rested while working with the hand the opposite way, so the legs and the back will be participating too.

Working to core by loading one side

Because the body is stabilized by the core, with more instability comes more work. This means that people can actually work out their abs without ever having to consider doing crunches. They can do this by loading one side of their bodies, lunging while holding a weight on one shoulder and pressing a single dumbbell overhead during the shoulder press.


This is one of the most effective and popular exercises people can consider and with proper instructions, it can be easily done. Throughout the push, people will have to ensure they maintain a rigid body line from the heels to the top of their heads. This means they won’t bubble up their behind, hump their back or sag their hips. Elbows need to be close to the body (tucked towards the sides) and the push needs to be very strong.

Lifting heavy weights

When people pack more weight on the bar, they do not increase the mass. This way they will only manage to increase bone density and be protected from osteoporosis. However, people who want to increase muscle mass need to lift a minimum of sixty percent to seventy percent of their 1 rep max for each exercise. It’s best to go with a weight which can be used to perform between eight to twelve repetitions, with the last one being very hard to make.

Hip hinge mastering

When lowering their bodies into a deadlift variation or into a squat, it is recommended to push the hips back. However, doing this can be easier if trying to imagine opening the door with the bottom.

After every workout, chocolate milk is recommended

Muscle building is easier for those who consider workout and proper nutrition. Mixes of protein, fat and carbohydrates after each workout is good because it will help our body recovery, by reducing soreness and also helping the body to build muscles. Those who cannot or just don’t want to eat after working out, should drink a big glass of chocolate milk.

Lifting and then running

Considering strength training before the cardio allows people to burn even more fat while running. Certain studies performed in Japan revealed that people who considered this type of training managed to burn twice as much fat opposed to people who didn’t consider lifting.

Reducing injury and burning fat faster by running hills

A total of nine percent more muscle per stride is activated by running uphill, compared to the same distance on level ground. On top of that, knees are protected very well by shocks by alleviating them by up to twenty four percent.

Warm up

Just before training, static stretching is not really useful and it will only increase the risk of injury and also reduce power output. But considering an active warm-up which gets the muscles used to moving, fires up the nervous system and increases heart rate is certainly more beneficial. For simple routines, five minute warm-up is recommended.

Adding more strength by getting explosive

This means that the weight will fly out of one’s hands. It’s said that such routine will help build strength and those considering it, will bench five percent more than those who don’t consider ballistic moves.

Write it down

Recording progress has been proven very useful, because people who will do so, will be more compliant and see better results than those who just don’t record their progress at all.

Active recovery

For those who are dealing with muscle soreness, it seems that bed rest is just not the best way to alleviate it. By doing so, they will only manage to reduce the pain very little. The metabolites which are responsible for causing the pain can be dispersed very efficiently if people will consider doing physical activity. By increasing the blood flow to the affected areas, the recovery time is reduced by up to forty percent. Considering some calisthenics, foam rolling or playing a light game of five a side football will certainly help out with the muscle recovery.

Going on a vacation for a week

By dialing down the strength training routine, people will actually manage to gain more muscle and strength. Many studies have already proven that people who have taken a break in the last week of their training month have managed to increase their strength by twenty nine percent. This is a massive increase and that is why everyone who would like to increase their muscle mass and also get stronger, should definitely consider this step.

So, performing certain exercises along with healthy eating habits and enough rest, will eventually lead to great results.

Sashka is a fitness and weight loss enthusiast who writes about weight loss ideas and fitness tips, healthy living and wellbeing. She hits the gym 3 times a week. Her top priority is regular work out and preparing quality food for her loved ones. This article was inspired by easy fitness tips and ideas to stay in shape.


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