Why Use An Electric Pulse Massager


Massages can be obtained in many ways, and one of the popular ways nowadays is through the electric pulse massager. There are various models of electric massagers, and all of them work on a common technology. They all use pulses of electricity which are put through the skin or body patch through electrodes. Small electrodes which are connected to the massager unit through wires are placed on the body. And then the massager is turned on. There are many preset menus and styles in them. And the styles may get customized too. Whatever the way you select, the signals of electricity are passed on to the body, and this helps in many ways.

Why the electric massagers are used

The electric massager is used to help people get relief from pain, and to help one get easier muscle contraction though the passage of electric pulses through the muscles and nerves. The pulses help to alleviate pain, and bring muscle coordination. You can feel a lot relaxed and feel much better when you are using an electric massager.

Stress and anxiety can be relieved, and the body can be made much relaxed when you use the massager by placing the electrodes on the right spot. The tingling sensationof electric pulses on the right nodes of the body can help you feel much better, energized and rejuvenated, even after an extremely tiring day. The fatigued body can get fresh again, and you would feel much better.

How the electric massagers are powered

The electric massagers are powered by the direct electric supply and also through batteries. Now if this is a heavy and big unit,and you are not carrying it to places and rather keeping it at oneplace fixed, then the best option is to use a fixed power supplied massager. But if you have to carry it anywhere then the size must be handy, and it has to have battery power supplied. Most electric massagers are powered by AA batteries.

Pain relief

The best use of an electric pulse massager is in pain relief. The small and short electric pulses which are passed almost 100 times in asecond create a strange numb and tingling sensation on the nerves. And these nerves then get interference in signals. The pain thus cannot be processed by the brain. The brain that receives pain signals normally from the nerves does not receive those due to the electric pulses. Thus the body cannot feel the pain, and the reaction of the body to intense pain is gone. The discomfort is thus also gone, and you feel relaxed and comforted. This is quite an interesting therapy, and you would love the feeling of numbness on the spot that was aching badly.

This is a good form of relief for chronic and acute pain, numbing pain, light pain, diffused pain, shooting pain, and many other types of pains which are local. Thatmeans you must be able to locate the spot of the pain in the body, so as to connect that part with the machine through the electrodes.


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