Why can’t diabetics use callus remover


Most of the diabeticshave an open-ended question as to why can’t diabetics use callus remover? Well, Diabetic feet need special care and attention, as they are among the major causes of health issues as well as hospitalization due to impair circulation and nerve damage. Too much accumulation of glucose in blood which is often termed as blood sugar can cause nerve damage and poor blood flow. This further leads to serious foot problems. A diabetic patient may suffer from numbness in their feet and lower leg region which many times leads to minor issues escalated into bigger serious health problems just like an amputation or infection of the toes and feet.

Diabetes and foot related issues:

When the person is suffering from diabetes, paying proper attention to the feet is quite mandatory. This is especially more important for the people who are suffering from diabetic neuropathy, which is a side effect of diabetes in the nerve end of the feet and leads to painful feet. The calluses and corns contribute a lot in making the matter worse and increase the sufferings of the person. Callus is basically the thickening of skin due to excessive pressure and friction on that particular region of the feet. In normal cases, the thickened parts contribute in protecting the parts from becoming wounds. But in case of diabetes patients, the same callus can hide the graver wounds inside, which lead to foot ulcers. These ulcers are quite painful and can also cause infection. Since the feet of diabetics are quite sensitive, that is one of the classical answers to the question why can’t diabetics use callus remover.

What experts are advising?

Most of the physicians strongly recommend that a diabetic patient should seek a podiatrist on a regular basis in order to get a regular foot care. A small cut or abrasion during the electric callus remover might lead to extremely serious problems in a small amount of time. For all these reasons, it is generally not advisable that even a well controlled diabetic should use an over the-counter liquid corn remover.

Since calluses can hide a developing ulcer. It is vital that it should be managed appropriately. Patients who have calluses on pressure points must go for regular treatment and careful follow ups. A bit of carelessness might lead to some major health issues.

It is not at all worthy to take the callus removal lightly because it can hide and worsen the inflammation underneath the skin. Doctors always advise diabetics to take good care of their feet and protect them from any sort of treatmentor anything that leads to the formation of callus. It is always recommended to consult a podiatrist who knows best how to deal with the callus problem in a very safe and hassle free manner. Self attempts for removing callus can be dangerous that is another important reason why can’t diabetics use callus remover.

Conclusion:Currently, the best approach is prevention byusing proper footwear and orthotics for reducing friction. It is always better to prevent problems in diabetic feet than to heal from ulcers and recover from amputations.

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