I have got many diabetic patients to lose weight along with their medication!

The most important aspect of weight loss is to make sure that you are losing visceral fat (the fat surrounding your internal organs) along with body fat and overall muscle mass is actually going up relative to the body fat.

Many diabetics have low protein levels either because they are not absorbing it from their food or they are vegetarian. Another byproduct of this is that diabetics would be low in the B vitamins that are naturally found in meat sources. If we have low B vitamins, especially low B12, then our body cannot metabolize carbohydrates, whether you eat sugar or no – they body will have trouble even with grains and fruit sugars.

So a complete and comprehensive blood test is required to determine the person’s nutrient profile to best determine which supplements are best suited for them, which can start to shift the metabolic challenges faced by all diabetics. Typically zinc is also low from my experience, which is an important mineral that helps with sugar metabolism, hormones, skin, immunity and more.

The most effective program available today that can completely work on reversing diabetes

type II is the HA2CG homeopathic weight loss program that I have done for thousands of clients. Within 2 days on the diet my clients have to stop taking their medication or reducing it as blood sugar levels tend to stabilize rapidly and the medication causes hypoglycemia so they find they don’t need to take it.

During the diet maximum visceral fat is lost. This fat, being in excess can cause hormone disruptions and multiply disease factors. So any reduction in this area means reducing your overall obesity and risk for multiple diseases, including reducing diabetes.

I closely monitor every client on medication and make sure they see the full success that the diet can provide. It is a gratifying experience as it becomes a medical transformation – the client undergoes a body transformation yes, but also the mind –

They feel empowered and understand which foods work for their body, which foods they feel good to stay away from, which foods their body can manage in moderation – and which supplements their body is responding to because blood test results actually verify these massive changes for the better.

Everything and anything you can do to support your body – be it diet, exercise, energy medicine or just simple daily rituals that make you feel good – every bit adds up to a better version of you!

About  the author : Sheeba, nutritionist singapore is a multiple award winning nutritionist.Best Nutritionist &Naturopath in Singapore who had proven results with her clients.

She believes while aging may be inevitable, diseases are not; our beliefs and how we treat our body can create healing processes that are little understood by medical science.

Website : www.sheebathenutritionist.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sheebanutritionist/


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