14 Effective Ways to Control Heart Attack

Heart Attack


Heart disease is a sign of an ailing heart and heart attack is final straw to that hat. A routine helps curb many a heart diseases thus preventing heart attacks. Any disease if, rooted in your body should be curbed or removed whichever is the way. If you have an ailing heart condition detected in your family the best route to prevent it from happening to you would be following some basic steps.


  1. Exercise your way out of heart attack: There should be a routine of yoga or some kind of exercise of least 30 minutes that would reduce the stress and tensions and make you Exercise your way out of heart attack ontrol your other problems lifestyle diseases like BP, diabetes, etc. This way you can get a good blood supply to your heart and make it strong. Exercises are a good way to curb heart ailments. However, it is important that you consult your doctor before you begin with any exercise regime if, you are currently suffering from heart related problems.
  1. Healthy Food Habits: If you feel having junk food every day and have food that you are not supposed to have and believe that it will not make a difference to your lifestyle think again. You will realize that a healthy lifestyle is an outcome of healthy habits. Therefore, make sure your food habits are as healthy as they need to be so that you can prevent signs of ailing heart.
  1. Control Obesity: Though sometimes you have no control over it, being obese may just be the root cause for your ailing heart. So, make sure your fats are all under control or you make it under control and thus have a happy heart.
  1. Control Tobacco Intake: Tobacco causes cancer, heart disease and a lot of other problems to both your lungs and heart. The intake of tobacco should be less if you have a history of heart ailment in your family. Also, if you feel at any point tobacco is affecting your body, reducing it and stopping the habit would help you turn to a better lifestyle.
  1. Alcohol is Dangerous: Remember alcohol is all fun but no good. Intake of alcohol everyday just for the fun of it can prove bad for your heart. The right step towards controlling your heart problems would be to reduce the intake of alcohol and maintain as much social drinking as you can.
  1. Check your blood cholesterol levels: The main cause of a heart attack is a high blood cholesterol level. This needs to be in line with the requirement of your body to prevent any heart attack occurring in your lifetime. So, make sure you check your blood cholesterol levels regularly and keep it in control.
  1. High BP, not a good sign: When your BP is not in control this means you may have high levels of stress in your body, which directly affects your heart. So, make sure your BP is in control. Regular checkups are a way to control BP.

High BP, not a good sign

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  1. Control Diabetes: A lot many people fail to follow the doctor’s advice about diabetes. They feel that with diabetes on they would not get any other disease. They are wrong as diabetes can lead to heart attack.
  1. High Stress Life: The modern life is high stress lives where there are so many tensions that people are constantly under pressure leading to high stress. One needs to make sure they take regular breaks and follow a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Doctor Visits: Age can also be a factor for your ailing heart. For instance, during menopause women are more prone to heart problems due to the changing levels of every hormone in the body. The medicines taken during the menopause increase the level of hormones that increase heart problems. So, once you reach a certain age make sure your visits to the doctor are more regular than ever.
  1. History of Heart Attack: You have a history of heart problem in your family then you are most likely to get one too. So make sure you are constantly aware of your body and you keep a control on everything. History should not be repeated.
  1. Apnea during Sleep: Well you may have a problem here. If you stop breathing at regular intervals while you are asleep this may be a problem and can lead to serious issues of heart. So, make sure you check it out with a doctor and take proper medication for the same.
  1. Meditation the modern age’s guru: The modern age believes in the old time therapy Meditation. In fact, this has been proven time and again that meditation helps to curb the mental level stress. There are forms of meditation like ‘pranayama’ and ‘dhyana’, which help people to reduce tension, stress and thus leading helping in reducing the chances of stroke and heart attack.


These are just some basic rules that need to be followed to control heart attack. Happy heart is always a good sign and make sure you take steps to a happy heart.

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