5 foods contained in MRE meals


There are various components that are contained in MRE food. These offer variety depending on the needs of the users and also their circumstances. The number of people the meal is meant for also matters as the packing is done with a particular number in mind. Meant for people on the run, they are dry foods that should be consumed after opening. Here are some of the meals that make up MRE food;


MRE Entrees

A mix of dried fruits that is a good accompaniment to meals, also serves as a snack. It is filled with calories to offer supplements to the body and is ready to eat. There is no missing out in tasty snacks as you can pop the dried fruits while on your way or alongside your food.

MRE Beverages

Packed in different fruit flavors, these powder beverages are ideal for thirst. They come in lime, tropical punch and orange for variety.


Crackers are for use with spread or entrée. Depending on the number of users one cracker can be shared among four people.

MRE Desserts

Fudge brownies are the perfect dessert due to long shelf life of up to 3 years from the date of manufacture.

MRE Snacks

You can have the dry fruit mix for a snack or go for the nut raisin mix depending on your choice for taste. These dried fruits contain calories that are good for energy while you are out on the run.

MRE Spreads

Grape or Apple Jelly flavored spreads are meant to flavor food as well as add calories to it. You can make your meals more interesting with these spreads that will last 3 years from the date of manufacture.

The above products constitute the components of a healthy meal no matter where you are. Military mre meals from http://www.mregiant.com/ need not be boring with the varying meals that will ensure that your experience while out in hardship zones need not be devoid of necessary calories and flavor. You will hardly miss out on interesting meals back home with these meals that are meant to last a long time on the shelf.

Packed with understanding of your need for variety, the ready to eat meals are easy for consumption as they require minimal preparation. You can eat them as they are or warm them up a little and then have a meal ready in no time at all. It is the reason they are good for people with no time for cooking up a meal. They require no preservation and will last long periods as packed.

You can shop for the required meal with a guarantee of quality meals with diversity. There is no risk that you will miss out on the necessary nutrients in your body as you are sure of getting them when you eat any of these foods. Beat the hard times by taking along food that will give you the energy that you need as well as offer necessary nutrients to your body. You deserve a taste of the best while out on the run.


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