A brief overview on back pain and its related complications


Experiencing pain in the joints is quite very common these days. Similarly back pain is one major problems diagnosed in many people of different age group. There are several factors that are responsible for causing back pain in the body. This article is mainly focused to provide you detailed information about the back pain and related facts to it.

What is Back Pain?

In general, back pain is basically a pain which is felt on the back portion of the body. The back pain may result due to any kind stretch developed in the body parts like muscle nerves, bone joints or any related structures that are specifically located in the spine. The intensity of back pain may differ from mild to severe. It is observed that back pain may also lead the complications into the arms, hands, legs and feet portion of the body. It is to be noted that back pain also accompanied with various other common symptoms such as, extreme weakness, problems during walking, tingling and many more.

In countries like United States of America, the complaints about the low back pain is found to be the most common problem faced by many individuals from past several decades. About fifty percent of the total working populations are facing the back pain problems at some point of their lives. The old aged people and working adults are mostly targeted with such kind of physical problems in their life.

Classification of Back Pain

As per the medical professionals, it is stated that back pain can be originated from different portions of the human body. Overall, the back pain can be broadly classified into four major types of pain as mentioned below:

  • Neck pain
  • Middle back pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Tailbone pain

It is essential to be aware of the fact that intensity of all above mentioned pain types greatly depends upon the duration or persistence of the pain. For example, if the pain persists for more than twelve weeks or so then such pain falls under the category of chronic state of the pain. On the other side, if the duration of the pain is less than four weeks then it is the acute stage of the pain. Till now, around ninety percent of individuals are diagnosed with no specific form of back pain that normally comes out as an acute form of the pain with no case of underlying pathology. In most of the cases, occurrence of back pain also provides signals for various associated complications in the coming life of the individual. The condition of back pain may reflect the case of life threatening problems in the form of extreme weakness in the legs, bone or spinal fracture etc. In rare cases, back pain may also occur in people who have got the history of cancer in their respective families.

Major Causes of Back Pain

As per the medical professionals, it is stated that the condition of back pain mainly occurs as one of the major symptom of any specific medical condition. Some of the medical problems that may result into back pain are mentioned below:

  • Mechanical causes or movements in the body: The actual movement of your spine in any definite direction quite often leads to a condition of back pain. One most common condition called intervertebral disc degeneration that includes the degeneration of bone discs which are located in between the vertebrae of spine. This deterioration of spine bones eventually leads to major loss in flexibility of the back portion. As a result, many mechanical movements like tension in muscles, ruptured disc bones etc, cause the back pain in the body.
  • Major accidents or injuries: Any major accident or injuries that occurred specifically in spinal region of the body such as, fractures or sprains often accompanied with back pain problem in the body. Sprains occurred in joint ligaments, specifically of spinal region mostly causes a severe back pain condition in the body.
  • Presence of any severe disease: Many severe diseases like, arthritis (Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis), scoliosis, kidney infections etc, necessary includes back pain as one of the major symptoms of them.
  • Tumors or any sort of infection in the body: Tumors OR any sort infection are considered to be rare causes of back pain in the patient’s body.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Back Pain

Before recommending the exact treatment for the back pain, doctors confirm the cause of any chronic form of back pain through several tests. These major tests are X- rays, MRI, CT scan etc, which helps in relocating the actual damage or any broken bone or skeletal defects in the spinal region of the body. On the other side, blood and urine tests can also help in determining that whether the back pain is caused by the infection or not.

How to Prevent Back Pain

Prevention is considered to be the best way to avoid any complications that occur in your body. Similarly, in order to avoid the minor or acute back pain condition, you must practice a good posture of your body during your actions like standing or while sitting at your workstation. Your right posture of the body contributes to attain flexibility and improve the strength of your body to a great extent.

Overall, the condition of back pain is usually caused by severe injuries which may occur due to the accidents or sudden fall from certain height. At the same time, many medical problems are equally responsible for causing back pain in the human body.

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We have newsletters and articles on arthritis and back pain, Arthritis has now become a highly common disease that specifically diagnosed in the bone joints. The intensity of pain ranges from mild to severe. As per the reports, one in three people are likely to get signs of arthritis these days.

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