Parodont Diseases


Parodont are the tissues surrounding the tooth, i.e. a gum with periosteum, connecting the tissue around the fang and a jaw bone where the tooth is fastened.

The majority of parodont diseases appear due to the inflammatory process which causes destruction of the gums, the copular device and a bone tissue. And «the starting point» of any inflammations are pathogenic (harmful) microbes. Accumulating in an organism they lead to the microbic touch formation. With the help of saliva it transforms into a plaque that expands between the tooth and the gum. The more strongly the inflammatory process is expressed, the more serious the disease is.

Gingivitis is an inflammation of gum tissues but without bone tissues involvement. The gums are bleeding during the meal and toothbrushing, change their colour and form, there is unpleasant smell from the mouth. According to practical experience of Oklahoma dentists, children and young men suffer from it more often.

If gingivitis is not treated for a long time, it can transform into the next stage of dentistry disease, i.e. periodontitis.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth involving the bone tissues. It can have small, medium and high degree. It proceeds chronically in the form of periodic aggravations. It usually begins with gums inflammation: 1) periodontal pockets appear; 2) denudation of fangs occurs; 3) the mobility of teeth can be noticed; 4) sensitivity to cold, sour and other irritants are felt. As a result you can even lose your teeth.

Parodont treatment’s cost at the dentist depends on the form of the disease, its localisation, severity, difficulty of pathological process and the amount of needed medical actions.

If you have noticed gum reddening, bleeding during the toothbrushing, unpleasant smell from the mouth then these are the first symptoms of parodont inflammation because of which the tooth lost is quite possible. In case you are seriously worried with your teeth state and want undergo any preventive or curative measures, you can search here in order to find the nearest clinic in your location.

The dentistry treatment of parodont

At any parodont disease there are certain obligatory actions that should be  carried out:

• the removal of the tooth adjournment – a tooth touch, a plaque;

• the cleaning of periodontal pockets, i.e. spaces between the tooth and the gum;

• polishing of the teeth and fangs.

• medical processing of an oral cavity;

• removing of the defects connected with fillings and prosthetics;

• correction of the bite pathology, i.e. closing of the top and bottom teeth.

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