Is There a Link Between Fish Oil and Cancer?


Some latest studies have suggested that there is a link between high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and prostate cancer. However, something needs to be said factually to get rid of the confusion and set the record straight as far as this is concerned. According to the studies carried out, people with high levels of these fatty acids risked getting prostate cancer as compared to those with low levels but this does not expressively point out to fish oils. And while this could be the case, it is important to point out that omega-3 fish oils have a lot of benefits and these cannot be compared with the shortcomings which are only likely to arise as a result of excessive consumption of the supplements.

According to other studies, the intake of omega 3 helps lower the possibilities of getting prostate cancer. The studies associating high level of omega 3 in the blood to prostate cancer however did not specifically target people using fish oil supplements and therefore it will be misguided to think that fish oil intake could result in prostate cancer.  Research has also shown that the rate of prostate cancer in countries that consume a lot of fish including Japan is low and therefore there is no reason whatsoever to relate fish oil and cancer.

Facts about fish oils

Fish oil is extracted from the skin tissue of oily fish. it can however be consumed by using fish oil supplements which are available in the market today. The common denominator however is that the dietary and supplement fish oils have DHA and EPA which are essential due to their anti-inflammation properties and other health-related benefits. Dietary fish meat however has a low concentration of these elements and therefore you will need to consume dozens of the same in order to enjoy these benefits. Additionally, farmed fish has high toxicity levels and this is caused by the level of pollution in the sea water. To enjoy high quality DHA and EPA levels, you should avoid farmed fish instead going for supplements that are low or completely free to from toxicity.

If you are looking for a fish that is low in heavy metal levels, then you should consider salmon or opt for whitefish, cod, sole or trout. Predatory fish including sword fish, sharks and marlin are not the best as they contain high metal concentrations.

Health benefits of consuming quality and pure fish oils

Fish oils have a myriad of benefits which you should enjoy. You should however take the right amounts based on the recommendations. Below are some of these benefits:

  • Increased youthfulness
  • Low triglyceride levels
  • Enhanced post exercise recovery and reduced inflammation
  • Low heart disease possibilities.

There are many other benefits to consider and especially in brain development. Fish oils also contain good calcium which is essential for bone development and strength and therefore the more reasons as to why you should consider the supplements.

Julie Roy is a freelancer writer. She has been writing on different topics for the past several years. Now she is writing on behalf of fish oil update to help folks to get more update information about fish oil world.


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