Top 9 Ideas and Strategies You Could Relieve Your Period Pain at Ease


For most of the women menstrual cycle or say periods is one of the most painful thing that they go through every month.While someone are fortunate enough to have a pain free period, a good number of others yet continue to suffer from various symptoms.These symptoms generally include excessive bleeding, nausea, headache, diarrhea, dizziness and the most important pain in the lower abdomen, legs and thighs known as the cramps.Given below are the ten ideas and strategies that will help you relieve period pain at a great ease.

Drinking coffee that contains lower level of caffeine:Dr Rima Chatterjee of the pearl clinic suggests to drink atleast one cup of tea per day in order to reduce cramps. The heat that is served from any of these leads to a level of comfort to the distressed muscles. Ginger, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lavender, and Green tea are some of the herbal teas you can give a try. Herbal teas help in providing you with some kind of refreshes relieving you from fatigue decreasing the amount of pain you have been experiencing.

Improving Your Diet:A salty and a heavy diet can lead you with bloating, caffeine with anxiety and aggravate irritability, alcohol to depression and the last but not the least sugar that can destabilize your blood sugar andmood.Try and have more number of fruits, vegetables, and grains before you begin with your periods. Remember its not what you eat but how you eat. Try and have something at regular intervals avoiding dips and spikes in blood sugar says Joanne Piscitelli, the MD and professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Duke University in Durham, N.C.

Applying some heat: A hot bag is generally considered to be one of the easiest way of relaxing yourself during period pain. Heat helps in relaxing the contracting muscles in your uterus that is causing you so much pain. You can also use heat pads that are available online at ease.

Doing some light exercise:You are bloated in pain, and just want to veg out. And a bit of exercise may help in solving your problem at ease. According to a research study conducted by Farley, It is believed and said that doing aerobic exercises provide natural kind of relief. The increased level in the blood flow and the endorphins help you to counteract the prostaglandins reducing cramps. Exercises at times may also seem to be impossible when there is hell lot of pain, and thereforehe further suggests of doing some activities like yoga and walking helping you fight menstrual pain.

Eating the Right Kind of Fats:Eating quality fats like organic meat, butter, tallow, coconut oil, and ghee help in boosting up the hormone production.While having the wrong kind of fats can interfere with hormone production but eating the right number of fats can really help. Coconut oil is one of the best ways of improving your hormone health. This also helps in improving the necessary building blocks for the hormonal production, weight loss, reducing inflammation, and the other antibacterial properties.

Avoiding Inflammatory Flames:Foods like grains, dairy and vegetables help in creating inflammatory flames in the body exacerbating hormonal problems.The degree that these foods will continue to affect the body varies from person to person, but in most cases where these problems were resolved by just adopting a gain free and dairy free diet. Especially for a few months focussing on certain foods like homemade bone broths, soups, grass fed meats, healthy fats etc will continue to build your body reducing inflammation.

Avoid Having Fatty Food and Eat Bananas: According to a study conducted by Dr. Sharma Fatty food with the high level of hormones can impact on how bloated you feel and the level of pain that you experience during your cycles. So have fruits like bananas as they are believed to be a rich source of potassium that help you in easing the bowel movements. Add a lot of iron to your diet like lentils, spinach and legumes to your diet.

Drinking Something:Off course you just can’t drink something and hope that it will help in reducing the period pain, though there are a few beverages that you can actually go ahead and give it a try.Keeping your self-hydrated with a lot of water is a really good start. Water helps in preventing the body from retaining water preventing bloating. Having warm or say hot wateris generally knownto increase blood flow to the skin helping in relaxing the cramped muscles. It is also suggested to increase the consumption of food with the high level of content like cucumbers, celery and berries.

Walking a bit:The idea here is to get the blood level flowing, and while the pain you feel may continue to deck may be intense, you may find that even having a small walk from the desk to the bathroom may ease the tension. As soon as your cramps make you double over, get and walk either to the photo copier, to the bathroom, to the breakroom or where ever possible. But just move.

To Conclude:

Menstrual cramps though arrive once in a month for every women, making it difficult enough for them to ignore hoping things will be better next time. We need to be proactive with our cramps and prove it that it cannot flaunt us down.The next time you feel that your cramps have begun setting in, remember the above mentioned tips.  So what other ideas and strategies would you like to add above? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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