How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin Fast


A double chin is in no way attractive. Being your worst critics, you tend to consider it as a major flaw in your looks. All the tricks available to hide it, like wearing a scarf or a high neck top, only work for a while. Then you start seeing it, and it bothers you a lot. A double chin may be caused by a lot of things including, obesity and adopting an unhealthy posture. Also, as we age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity. This may also result to a double chin.

If you are hoping to lose the double chin in no time, follow the tips given below:

Chew Gums:

To get rid of the double chin, you need to exercise your facial muscles. By working out the muscles on the jaw line, you are sure to keep the facial muscles toned. Ensure you chew sugar-free gum that is not only great for your health but also effective in reducing the double chin. Chew gum a few times in a day and before a week is over, you will be surprised.

Perform some Facial Exercises

There are some facial exercises that you can practice to reduce the double chin. A double chin is a fat piled up under your chin. Like any other type of weight loss, you need to exercise to lose the fat.  Most of them are easy to do and only require a few minutes of your time and you are done.

Avoid Junk Foods Like Plague:

You should avoid the junk foods as they only contain loads of sugar and a lot of bad cholesterol. They will only worsen the condition and also, will make your skin and overall body look dull and sluggish. Also, they might put you at risk of being diagnosed with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Opt for a Healthy nutrition Remedy:

Eating the correct amount and type of food is a sure way to reduce the double chin. The fewer the calories you take in, the less the fat that is deposited on the face. Eat those foods rich in nutrients but are low in calories as this is an awesome way to stay full and eat much less. Lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables will do just fine. However, controlling your calorie intake does not imply mean skipping some meals. Ensure you eat all the meals but minimize the quantity to a just-enough portion. Avoid overeating at all costs. Also, remember to drink a lot of water. This will help in reducing the facial fat and also keep your skin radiant and supple all day long.

Adopt The Correct Posture:

Sit upright with your head high above your shoulders and jaw slightly jutted. This is the right posture and will get rid of the double chin and at the same time, prevent you from having one in future. For those who spend the entire day with the computer, a warm up after every hour is highly recommended. It will help in keeping your spine in check preventing you from suffering from back pain and other posture-related disorders.

Lose Overall Weight:

In the case that the double chin is being caused by the fact that you are overweight, then losing the extra kilos will be more effective than any other thing. A weight loss regime involves exercising, healthy eating and drinking lots of water. Adopting this regime is easy and at the end of the day leaves you happier and healthier.

An Egg White Mask:

Applying this mask to the chin area is a sure way to get rid of the double chin.  Egg whites are known for their skin firming effect and thus are used on the skin. Just whisk two egg whites, honey, lemon juice and milk, each a teaspoon together. You may add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the mixture. Apply the mixture to the chin area and leave it there for about 30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and dry it with a clean towel. Repeat this procedure daily for faster results. All the above ingredients work in synergy to give you a smooth, fat-less face.


Whichever way you adopt, you will be sure to decrease the double chin. Also, remember looking all lean on the face is not the guide to being happy. Keep your health as a priority. I do understand that self-image is a big deal to most people, but don’t let it obsess you so much that you forget to live your life in a happy, healthy way. There are some tricks available you can adopt to help hide the double chin as you undergo the fat loss journey e.g. some haircuts.

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