How to stick to your healthy diet and fitness goals


Healthy diet and fitness goes parallel. A balanced diet and physical activity keeps us away from major illness. Food works as a fuel in our body, with the help of healthy food we are able to get essential calories and nutrients through which we are able to perform our day to day activities. On the other hand fitness means general state of our physical health.To make yourself physically fit you need to exercise on a regular basis.

How many times you set health or fitness related goals? And for how many days you follow them sincerely? Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and try a lot of things to achieve it.But after some time they feel bored and return back to their normal routine. Let’s discuss how one can stick to their health and fitness goals.

Initiate with a small step

Setting a big goal is a good thing but to achieve it you need to make small steps which you need to perform as part of your daily activities. Make plans which you think you can stick upon.For examples if you decide to exercise in a gym, then in the beginning schedule your plans for 3-4 days instead of the whole week. Instead of punishing yourself in the name of a healthy diet or physical exercise plan try to make small plans so that you can enjoy this period.

In the same way plan youreating habits with small steps that are not too harsh or tough to follow in the beginning. Make a list of food items that you need to avoid (junk food) – initially avoid the ones that are way down in terms of tickling your taste buds and slowly and steadily move up the list. Make another list with the healthy food items that you need to incorporate in your daily diet and keep changing your dietary habits with these small steps.

Try to remould one behavior at a time

If you are thinking that you can set a goal and change all your unhealthy habits from day one, you will never able to able to achieve your goal. Within a few days you will be bored from all this because our unhealthy behavior develops over a passage of time.In the same way you need time to switch towardsthe new healthy lifestyle.So instead of changing the whole system at once you should change one unhealthy habit at a time and when you able to do so then target on the other one and so on. Just like the food habits we mentioned earlier.

Ask for support

You can take help from your friends or family members who care about you. By doing this you can manage your stress which might creep in because of the resolution to switch to a healthy lifestyle.They will guide you in a positive way so that you can achieve your goals. You can also take professional assistance just in case you think you are unable to achieve your goal on your own. A professional trainer will give youproper assistance and will give you different strategies which will be helpful for you to stick to your goals.

Some health and fitness tips which makes you healthy

In your fitness diet plan include fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients.Say good bye to junk or processed food and other food which contains saturated and Trans fat.

Physical activity is equally important as healthy diet. You can join a gym or you can do some simple physical activity like yoga, jogging, running, dancing, swimming or walking as well.These simple exercises are very beneficial to maintain good health and fitness.

Drink at least 4-5 liters of water (fluids) in a day it will maintain the fluid level of our body and cleanse the body’s system. It is also helpful to hydrate the skin.

Instead of having 3 big meals in a day split them into smaller ones. Try to take 5 meals in a day. You can have something to eatafter every 4 hours.

Keep track of calories and food intake. It depends on person to person if he /she wants to reduce or gain weight because in weight loss including more physical exercise and reducing the intake of calories is suggested and for weight gain calories intake needs to be higher than the average person .

The most important thing is to stay motivated in the whole process and keep a positive attitude.With the help of positive attitude you will be able to achieve your desired fitness goals. Along with that be sure you take proper sleep and rest, it is essential as sleep will recharge your body’s batteries.

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