How Being Hygieniccansave you from Diseases


Hygiene is a kind of habit or custom we develop and practice that focuses on the preservation and nurturing of one’s health. With the increase in pollution of air and water in the present growing industrialized age, that create risks to our health, it is crucial that we follow a hygienic practice. Following are means of simple hygienic practices that can actually save yo
u from diseases:


Brushing your teeth at least twice a day can save you from gum diseases, toothache, tooth decay and bad breath. Regular brushing of teeth has to be practiced from childhood to have the best effect. Regular brushing of teeth removes plague from our teeth that could give bad results. Flossing at least once a day is ideal for the purpose of oral hygiene. Rinsing after meals is also a simple practice that actually increases your immunity against gum diseases and tooth-decay. One should change toothbrush every 2-3 months for better and healthier effectiveness of brushing teeth.


Hand hygiene is one of the most important practice that needs to be followed regularly as dirty hands are the easiest way to pass diseases. You should not only keep your hands clean but when you shake hands with other people, you don’t know how clean or dirty their hands are but also. Therefore, it is safest to wash your hands before eating and washing hands with a hand-wash when you get home is the first thing you should do to make sure you are free from germs that could bring diseases to you and your family. Damp hands spread diseases more times than dry hands. Therefore, for people with damp hands, hand hygiene should be given importance. If there is no water available to wash your hands, carry a hand sanitizer. These little things actually prevent you from infectious diseases!


Food hygiene includes the quality of food we eat, how we prepare the food and how we store our food. Home food cooked in a healthy manner is most ideal for consumption. We do not know how street or restaurants food are prepared and handled. Therefore, it is best to avoid them for our safety. Even if you dine out, one should be sure that the place is clean and the restaurant have a good reputation. Food is the fastest and easiest way to get diseases. Hence, food hygiene must be given utmost importance. Healthy food not only give you immunity from diseases but also develops and maintains your health. Having food at regular intervals also saves you from many diseases.


No matter what hygiene you adopt, to have the best effect, one should live in a healthy and clean environment. Cleanliness is the essence of hygiene. Clean living and working environments save you from harmful germs and bacteria that could harm your health. Since we spend most of our times in our working places and homes, it is necessary that we keep them clean and healthy. They should be well ventilated. A clean kitchen should be maintained and garbage be disposed regularly and organized manner. Apart from the above mentioned, one should adopt a self-hygiene practice like taking a bath every day and wear clean clothes! These practices help us to maintain a healthy and fruitful life! It is necessary that we educate our children and others about the importance of hygiene! Apply for a free EHIC card and get the best heath protection and schemes!

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