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I know how hard it can be to find a dentist that you can see, but also that your kids can go to. Sure, taking them to a pediatric dentist would be nice, but having one dentist for the whole family is a lot easier to schedule appointments – and keep them! A great dentist for the whole family is Dr. Stoddard of The Center for Dental Excellence.

Dr. Andrew Stoddard was born and raised in Idaho. He attended Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho, where he would later begin his dental practice.Andrew received his Bachelors of Science degree from ISU, and after he graduated, he traveled to Richmond, Virginia to get his doctorate degree in Dental Surgery. He prides himself in being caring and gentle, and makes every single visit comfortable and pain-free. His goal is to provide high-quality care and improve the smiles and lives of many.

At the Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Stoddard uses his education and experience by implementing several new techniques and procedures to help his patients save time and money. For example, his dental office proudly uses the One Visit Crown System which allows a patient to skip the normal 3 required visits to get a crown or crown replacement, and have it all taken care of in just one appointment. I know what you are thinking, aren’t crowns painful? Sure, they used to be, but with the one-visit system, Dr. Stoddard uses local anesthetic and sedation to keep the process completely pain-free.

If you or your kids need braces, Dr. Stoddard offers an alternative to traditional metal braces: clear braces! Rather than dealing with cleaning and maneuvering around braces, and having to worry about mouth irritation, clear braces are a great solution for anyone wanting their road to a straight and beautiful smile to be painless and easy.

If you want to see if The Center for Dental Excellence is right for you, call and ask them about their hours and payment options. When you are ready, you can click here to schedule your appointment.

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