Health and Natural Disaster: Tips for Preparing for the Worst


No one likes to think about what might happen in a disaster, and if you are someone who does have disasters on the mind, it is important to know that you are prepared. Take a moment to consider some of these tips that will keep you healthy in the case of a disaster.

First Aid Kit

First, make sure that you have a fully stocked medical supply kit on hand. This includes things like antibacterial ointment, bandages, burn cream, rubbing alcohol and pain relief medication. It should also include things like a small amount of the prescription medication that is used by someone in the household.


Another thing to keep in mind when you are readying your home for disaster preparedness is to keep blankets in a plastic, water-tight tub. In the event of a flood or a tornado, you might find that a lot of your bedding is ruined. If you have taken shelter in the basement, you will be happy to have a few dry blankets to spread out when you go to sleep.


Make sure that you have a battery operated radio close to hand. A battery operated radio can be turned and used even if there is no electricity in your home. It can tell you when the danger is over and when you are going to be able to return to your normal activities.


Consider what kind of lighting you need. Flashlights provide the strongest and steadiest light, so remember to store flashlights and batteries for them in your home. Another thing to add to your emergency preparedness kit is candles. Candles allow you to have some light even when you are out of batteries. Look for emergency candles, which are designed to burn for extended periods of time.


Remember to stock enough survival food for at least a week in your home.Emergency food supply and water will make sure that you do not have to venture out before it is safe. Remember the rule that you should not eat cans that have dents in them, as this might be a sign of botulism. Also make sure that you have a can opener located in an obvious area near your food supplies.

When you want to make sure that your family stays safe in the event of an emergency, take a moment to consider what your options are and how you can be prepared. Good emergency preparedness takes many forms, so think about the physical issues that you might encounter.


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