Why I Chose to Get Dental Implants


I recently made the choice to get special dental implants as I’ve been struggling with an unhappy smile for a number of years now. Due to receding gums and gum disease, my teeth were no longer pearly white and all I noticed when I looked in the mirror was growing gaps! I was keen to find a solution to this as I felt it was affecting me physically as well as emotionally. After a bit of research and consultations with my dentist I chose a certain type of implant that would be suitable for me (see allon4-dentist.co.uk). I’m now kicking myself for not having it done sooner really! If you’re in a similar position to me, here are a few things you may benefit from by having the procedure done…

Rediscovering food

I used to be a bit of a foodie, and in the past several years I’ve been much less adventurous. I’d stay away from chewy meat, corn on the cob, or even some fruit and vegetables due to uncomforting sensations during eating. I’ve completely rediscovered food – to the point that I’ve just re-fitted my kitchen to cater for my new hobby. My kids are on at me to sign up for the next series of Masterchef but I think this might be a little over the top! However I do love cooking new meals every week and take pleasure in using every ingredient that I used to avoid.

Getting your confidence back

It wasn’t just food that suddenly got better, I also felt a lot better about my appearance too. I’d pretty much avoid mirrors before, and when I did look in them I’d be constantly distracted by my teeth and gums. Now when I smile, I actually mean it! People often compliment me on my smile, and my friends are often pointing me out in photographs saying how great I look. This has had a knock on effect to my attitudes towards clothes shopping and buying makeup; it’s much more enjoyable now.

Speaking more easily

Growing gaps between my teeth meant that I was struggling to speak as clearly as I once did, which was a bit embarrassing at work. Obviously nobody ever said anything to me, but I worried that my speech problems were leaving people at a loss when they were trying to understand what I was on about. This isn’t a problem anymore, and I am back to my old chatty self once again.

Being more social

As such, I’m now happier to be social with my friends and family, especially when it comes to going for meals out together. I’ve got a special anniversary coming up soon and I’ve even arranged a photographer to attend the party – I’ve come a long way indeed.

About the author

Brenda Eastleigh is a mum of two from Gloucestershire, UK. She had All-on-4 dental implants (Allon4-dentist.co.uk) at her dentist and now she’s got the confidence back that she was once missing.

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