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Millions of obese Americans spend billions on diets and other techniques to lose weight, but still many of them are not successful in getting the desired results. If you are one of those who are frustrated after spending so much on getting rid of your excess weight without any success, we are providing you a extensive list of foods that can help you in shedding weight within a short time. You can easily get most of these foods on the market and they are reasonably prices and won’t affect your monthly budget.

* Eggs- They are stuffed with proteins. Proteins keep the sugar level in blood under control, which helps in suppressing your appetite. So you would eat less and will lose weight with time!

* Salads- A large bowel of salad is what is needed to lose weight. However, avoid all fatty dressings on salads. A bowel of salad will keep you full for long and you won’t feel any urge to eat. There are numerous vitamins and minerals in salads and you will remain energetic throughout the day.

* Beans-By eating beans, you can easily hold onto your hunger for long. When you will do this successful on regular basis, you will eat less and can easily lose weight.

* Pears-Pears have more fiber than apples. Both apples and pears have pectin fiber that lowers blood sugar and prevent you from eating in-between your meals throughout the day.

* Green Tea-Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is best for losing weight. You can also take it in raw form (beans) as they contain necessary ingredients that can help you in losing weight fast within a short time.

* Soup-Just one cup of rich soup can replace a full meal. It can easily satisfy your hunger and you won’t have to load your body with large amount of calories.

* Olive Oil- You can substitute cream and milk for olive oil in your cereals or in your salad dressings as it helps in burning calories.

* Pears-Pears is one of the best foods that can help you lose eight fast. A recent study has found that pears have more fiber than apple and is much cheaper than other fruits! So you should definitely think of adding it to your platter.

* Cinnamon-Cinnamon is added to so many recipes and adds unique flavor to dishes. It is also a good aid for rapid weight loss. It curbs blood sugar spike after your meals. So why it is important? Well, when you take cinnamon, you will feel less hungry, and would not overeat. Gradually, with time you will lose weight even without exercises!

* Vinegar-It is a natural appetite suppressant and makes you fuller much faster. You can add it to meals and soon you will see that you are eating much less that what you normally eat.

* Nuts like Pstachio, Walnuts, Pecans and almonds help in lowering bad cholesterol and they promote healthy cholesterol. You should include this food in the list of foods that can help you in losing weight. You can substitute snacks with these nuts, to enjoy their benefits.

* Soluble fiber rich grains-Also referred to as sticky grains, you should include barley and oats, as they are rich in fiber. This not only boosts your metabolism, but also helps in lowering bad cholesterol. Additionally, barley also helps in reducing water retention.

* Fish-Fish is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and they are important for reducing blood pressure and excess fat. Salmon, tuna and other fishes are quite healthy and you should add them to your menu. You should preferably take steamed fish.

* Beans-Beans are rich in cholecystokinin, which helps in inducing weight loss. This is a digestive hormone that is also a good appetite suppressant. Beans are quite rich in this hormone. So instead of ignoring beans, you should include them in your diet to get the desired results.

* Grapefruit-Research has proved that if you take grapefruit before your lunch, you can lose few pounds within a week. You can also get same results by including three glasses of grapefruit juice a day. The pyrochemical in grapefruit can lower your blood sugar and also switch most of the calories in your body to energy instead of storing them as fats.

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