Why Healthcare Professionals Fail to Deal with Stress


In the highly competitive and stressful world, healthcare professionals face lots of challenges while meeting their deadlines due to stress.  If you are a healthcare professional and you want to avoid the dreaded burnout, you must have the knowledge, skills and experience because it helps you to stay on top. Unluckily, while many healthcare leaders are truly brilliant at offering better care for people, but they fail to personal development and growth.  Additionally, they terribly undermine their ability to perform and compete at the greatest personal and professional level.  The workplace stress is a major cause that can influence both the emotional and physical well-being of healthcare professionals by reducing their efficiency.  Additionally, stress has a huge negative impact the entire quality of your life.

How can stress affect healthcare professionals?

Stress is one of the well-known facts of life as well as can affect healthcare professionals in an array of ways. Every healthcare expert experience few degrees of stress at some instant of their life.  Some health care professional experience this condition more frequently than others and few have complexity while dealing with stress. It is significant to know that stress is actually manifested from a particular situation or any thought that cause a healthcare expert to experience nervousness, frustration, and anger, whereas nervousness is the feeling of both apprehension and fear.

Symptoms of stress

Although many healthcare professionals manage stress pretty well, few others experience psychological and physical symptoms.  In some instances, the limited amount of stress is beneficial, because it encourages healthcare professionals to meet their deadline and get their task done.  Though, studies show that healthcare professionals who experience the additional amount of stress may increase the danger of developing many medical conditions. Here are the physical symptoms of stress as follow:

  • Headache
  • Muscle tension
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Teeth grinding
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Fatigue

The psychological symptoms are anger, nervousness, anxiety, depression, and irritability. Along with this, few healthcare professionals experience sleeping problems.

Why prefer results-based and verifiable approach?

It is helpful to know that there is a result-based, patented and verifiable new way available to break the stress cycle.  The main aim of this coaching is to bring health care professionals techniques and tools they need to reach a further level. If you want to know about the outstanding way, you can read this post carefully. The following passage shares you sufficient details regarding the Executive coaching.

Specialties of executive coaching

It is a patented and results-based approach that helps healthcare professionals in different ways including:

  • It improves the performance, peace-of-mind, and productivity of the present health care professionals in a dramatic way.
  • The important thing about this coaching is that it is developed on the major principles of conscious and self-management awareness.
  • It enables the healthcare professionals to easily examine their unresolved conflicts and own feelings and mistaken beliefs.

Apart from that, Executive coaching provides healthcare professionals the most powerful tools to achieve many meaningful relations, personal success and create a driven life. Moreover, the best and specially developed coaching helps healthcare professionals to find how can deal with stress.

Author Bio:- Counselor by training, behavioral health care executive, author and nationally known speaker Dr. Simon Casey, founder of Emotional Mastery International has been transforming organizations and leaders with his unique approach that is result oriented and verifiable. Over 25 years of experience in the behavioral health care field Dr. Casey opened as well as managed many centers. provided up to date analysis and training to variety of organizations while guiding managers and CEO’s to reach their highest potential.

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