How to Treat Lower Back Pain during Long-Time Sitting

Treat Lower Back Pain

There are a number of reasons that caused lower back pain. Some of these reasons include injury to the muscles, discs that support the spinal column or damage to the ligaments, muscle strain and overuse of muscles. If you find lower back pain annoying and would like to cure this, and you are searching for lower back pain during long-time sitting problems and their treatments, then you most likely have come to the right place:

Choose Your Resting Position

For a couple of days, choose a resting position that you find comfortable on a chair cushion. You can try lying on your side with the pillow positioned in between your knees. Or then place a pillow beneath your knees try lying on your back on the floor. Shift positions; never remain in one position for long, as much as possible.

Take Walks

Then every two hours, take ten to twenty minutes to walk, after that rest. In cases where you are experiencing pain, take some medicine like acetaminophen or those that reduce the swelling and irritation such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen. These medicines are effective especially when taken regularly as compared to taking these when the pain is severe.

Using Heating Pads

By using a heating pad set on low or medium or buy a single-use heating wraps that can last for 8 hours, is the other way to treat lower back pain is. Although there is no proof that this method actually works, however, you can try them to find out if this can help.

Resume your normal activities, if you think you are able. Moving your muscles help keep these strong. It is not recommended that you stay in bed for more than a day because this will only make your lower back pain worse. Walking is another exercise that can help you with your lower back pain. Your physician may also recommend some other exercises that can make your back muscles stronger. Some of the exercises that your doctor may advise you to take can actually strengthen the trunk muscles, core, and the spine. It usually leads to posture improvement, body balance and decreases the occurrence of injury while you are strengthening your muscles. You also need to use total chair cushion to help you get your lower back treated.

Therapeutic Massage

There are other therapies that you may find helpful in reducing your lower back pain. A therapeutic massage can help ease the muscle spasm at your back. Many people will notice that there is a considerable improvement after a single session of therapy and sometimes further spine manipulation is not necessary.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

It involves biofeedback or Cognitive-behavioral therapy, is the other technique in the treatment of lower back pain. For controlling pain and anything that trigger pain, this therapy is used. You can consult with a psychologist or clinical social workers who are knowledgeable in pain management, for more information about this therapy.

On the other hand, some people suffering from lower back pain prefer alternative treatment such as acupuncture to help them with their condition. There are studies that prove acupuncture to be effective with reducing pain and disabilities connected to back problems.

There are many variables – neurogenic, muscular, ligament us and skeletal as the lower back pain can be precipitated. It is useful to discover where the pain is coming from by using special tests such as hyperextending the back and rotating to the side.

It is a good idea to increase core strength to take any extra weight off the lower back and to feel fitter in general also uses a cushion while you sit, despite the cause of the lower back pain.

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