How Will You Do Away With Stress to Lead A Happy and Healthy Life?


Stress happens to be something that’s a part of life today. In fact, it’s in demand to things that are physical, intellectual or emotional for that matter. Stress can at times prove positive provided it keeps you alert and motivated. However, more often than not it proves negative for it leads to chronic diseases like depression, heart issues and a variety of other problems. Hence, the idea remains to manage stress right so that you don’t let your health suffer as a result. This isn’t really very difficult provided you know how to go about it.

How exactly does stress prove damaging for your health?

You might wonder how exactly stress proves damaging for your health. Well, understand this for a fact that the autonomic nervous system of your body has got a stress response system in place which is built-in. This system essentially causes physiological changes allowing your body to combat stressful situations. There’s a stress response which then gets activated at times of emergency.

However, this response can also get activated for prolonged periods of stress, thus causing harm to the body. In fact, stress that goes on to lead to a certain condition is known as “distress” which is rather negative. Stress also proves harmful if you engage in the compulsive use of certain substances or behaviors like gambling, alcohol, tobacco and likewise.

What’re the symptoms that hint at stress?

There are several symptoms that hint at stress essentially. Now, chronic stress can wear down defenses of the natural body and this leads to a variety of symptoms. The following symptoms hint at the fact that you’re stressed out.

  1.       Headaches
  2.       Cold and sweaty palms
  3.       Tension in muscle
  4.       A racing heart
  5.       Clenched jaw and grinding teeth
  6.       Loss or gain of weight
  7.       Exhaustion
  8.       Dizziness
  9.      Sleeping problems
  10.     Loss or increase in appetite
  11.     Indigestion
  12.    Impatience and irritability

How should you go about reducing stress?

Now, there’s nothing much to worry about if you simply learn to manage stress. Proper stress management can help you lead a happier and healthier life. You’d then be able to keep stress at bay slowly but definitely. Here are some tips you could make use of –

  1.       The right attitude: It’s extremely important that you keep a positive attitude.
  2.       Acceptance: Understand that there are certain events in life that are truly beyond your control.
  3.       Regular exercise: Understand that it’s important for you to exercise on a regular basis for then your body can fight stress better.
  4.      Hobbies and interests: It’s extremely crucial that you make time for your hobbies and interests for otherwise you’d lose out on the things you actually enjoy doing.
  5.       Sleep and relaxation: Another very important factor is to take enough rest and sleep well. You see, your body also needs time to recover from the stressful events. You could also start with yoga or acupuncture methods to relieve stress.
  6.      No alcohol and drugs: You’ve got to learn to say no to the likes of alcohol, drugs or even excess food for the purpose of reducing stress.

Keep in mind the above tips and de-stress your life for good. Stay healthy and stay happy.

About Author: This article has been penned down by Patricia Patterson. She’s an expert on various remedies for health problems. Many have benefited from her advice. Her articles can be found on quite a few reputed websites.


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