How Can I Stop the Pain in My Tooth with Home Remedies?

How Can I Stop the Pain in My Tooth with Home Remedies?

Pain in the tooth is not always of mild nature. In some cases, it can strike with intensity and pose a lot of discomforts. You may not able to bear the toothache for long if it is intense or it persists for more than a day or two. It’s always better to consult the dentist to get to the root of the problem.  

There are however home remedies as well which you can use to stop the pain in the tooth. People for long rely on natural ways to treat toothache as some remedies are actually very helpful. You can try them as well and if the result is good, there is no need to consult the dentist. And if the pain does not go away, seek professional help with best dentist forest AVE queens immediately.

Here are some of effective home remedies to help you stop the pain in the tooth –  

1. Salt water rinse

A salt water rinse is always an effective natural treatment for fighting toothache. This home remedy enjoys trust among people for the simple reason that it delivers result always. More so, it not only helps cure toothache but also heals oral wounds and reduces inflammation quickly.

Since salt water works as a natural disinfectant, this home remedy will also help wash away food debris stuck between the teeth. The method is simple – mix some salt into a glass of warm water and use the solution as a mouthwash. Even if the tooth pain persists, it’s better to seek dental help.  

2. Hydrogen peroxide rinse

You can also trust a hydrogen peroxide rinse to relieve pain and inflammation easily at home. This remedy is quite useful when it comes to killing bacteria, reducing plaque and healing bleeding gums. Some care, however, is necessary with this method where one has to dilute the hydrogen peroxide properly to minimize harm. 

The method is quite simple – just mix some hydrogen peroxide (preferably 3 percent) with equal parts water and then use the mixture as a mouthwash. You can rinse the mouth twice a day. But yes, avoid swallowing the water.  

3. Cold compress

Using a cold compress to relive mild pain in the tooth is a remedy that many people trust and benefit from. This remedy is quite effective in cases where the toothache has resulted from any type of trauma. When a cold press is applied, it makes the blood vessels in the area to constrict which eventually reduces the pain.

Cold compress is also quite effective in reducing swelling and inflammation in the tooth. This remedy has no harm or side effects so you can use it many times a day. Plus, it’s quite simple as well – you just have to wrap pieces of ice in a towel and then put it to the affected site for 10 to 20 minutes.  

4. Garlic

Garlic is full of medicinal properties. In fact, people have long been using this kitchen stable for treating dental concerns including toothache. It not only acts as a pain reliever but also kills the bacteria that cause dental plaque. Plus, there are no side-effects of using garlic for curing dental issues.  

More so, the use of garlic for toothache is as simple as it can get – you just have to prepare a paste by crushing a garlic clove and then apply it to the pain site. Add a bit of salt if you like as it will also help in the process of killing bacteria. You can also chew fresh garlic for help.

How Can I Stop the Pain in My Tooth with Home Remedies?

5. Clove

Clove is probably the first home remedy that comes to mind whenever toothache strikes to anyone. Both, the raw clove and oil are effective against tooth pain as they can numb the pain and also reduce inflammation. The presence of eugenol – a natural antiseptic – is the reason why clove is so effective for toothache.

Plus, the method is very simple to use – you just have to dab a bit of clove oil onto a cotton ball and then put it to the pain site. You can also mix some olive oil or water to dilute the clove oil and apply the mix three or fours time a day on the site. 

6. Thyme

The use of thyme is quite common for relieving toothache. Its powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties are the reason behind it help in curing tooth pain. Its use is also simple – drop a few drops of thyme oil and water onto a cotton ball and apply it to the pain site. Consult dentist forest AVE queens if the pain does not go away in a day or two.

Author Bio: Nitesh is a health blogger who mostly shares posts on dental health. Follow his blog or go through his posts to know dental health and treatments in detail. But yes, trust dentist forest AVE queens wherever professional help is needed.


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