An over view about breast cancer


Health has always been a concern among women specially. A lot of women today are getting educated about the various health issues they are likely to face in their life and what they need to do about it. Breast Cancer is one among the many health problems that most women face during their lifetime. Women today are dying due to breast cancer and to curb such instances every single woman should be informed about the reasons for breast cancer, its symptoms and what care they should take to avoid this disease. Here, we are going to talk about breast cancer and give women a chance to get informed.

A peek into Breast Cancer

A rise of abnormally growing cells in the breast tissue also called cancerous cells is what leads to breast cancer. This is mostly found in women but as small as 1% men are also fall prey to this deadly disease. Treating-Breast-CancerOnly two types of cancer are very common among women- lung cancer and breast cancer. This disease sees no age and no time, so a woman is endangered towards this disease till the last breath. Today, with the advances science has made there has been definite progress in curbing this disease. The 21st century woman is more educated and informed with respect to breast cancer.

Types of Breast Cancer

The breast is a complex structure of tiny ducts and lobules. It is completely made up of fats, tissues and various glands. The lobules in the breast end in the milk glands from where many ducts rage towards the nipple. There are two kinds of breast cancer occurring in the two different parts of the breast. Breast-Cancer-IllustrationsIf the cancer occurs in the lobules is called lobular cancer while the one occurring in the duct is called ductal cancer. These are two main kinds of cancer that develop in the breasts. There are other various kinds of cancer that develop in the breast and they are inflammatory breast cancer, medullary cancer, mucinous, mixed kind of tumours and paget’s disease which is the cancer that occurs in the nipples.

Normal cancers are in site, which means they are not spreading. There are other dangers that happen in a disease like cancer which is spreading of the cancerous cells to nearby tissues. It all would start from a particular tissue in the breast and spread to the entire breast. This kind of cancer is particularly dangerous and is called metastasis.


  • Generally breast cancer acts more effective in women. This cancer sees no age in realty but as women age the chances of them developing breast cancer increases.
  • Normally the chances of breast cancer goes heavy as one reaches the age of 30 and the chances go on increasing as a woman ages.
  • A history of breast cancer in the family or in one breast earlier can be a cause for breast cancer hitting you again. So, if you have had breast cancer once you would need to be more careful in the future.
  • Other causes for breast cancer include hormonal and genetic factors. Genetic factors include the entire family from both paternal and maternal sides. This is interesting as you are more likely to develop breast cancer if anyone in your entire family has had breast cancer and you need to get more concerned if they had developed it at an early stage in life.
  • Generally probable reasons for breast cancer could be hormonal changes too. If a woman gets her first menstrual period too early say at the age of 12 or too late her risk of developing breast cancer increases. If she has a late menopause she can always develop breast cancer.
  • Another important cause for developing breast cancer would be consumption of oral contraceptive pills, which brings in the entire hormonal imbalance.
  • Radiation and other sources of external energy in the environment could also cause breast cancer.
  • Lifestyle and diet are all probable reasons for breast cancer.

If your breast cancer is in its early stages there may be no real symptoms. But if, you find a lump in your breast than you need to visit a doctor or get a mammography done. There could be a lump in your armpit, which would not reduce under any circumstance. This could be a sign of breast cancer. If some material is discharged from your breasts, nipple inversion occurs or there is a change in the skin on the breast you need to consult a doctor to check out for breast cancer.

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