5 Tips To Keep Your Workplace Sanitary


It is a wonder how the line “cleanliness is godliness” is lost on many people when it comes to their workplace. Considering the fact that most people spent a significant portion of the day in their workplace it seems it is impervious to make sure that it doesn’t turn in to a conducive environment for viruses and bacteria and a breeding ground for germs. Add to that the dozens of people going in and out of the office are likely to spread any disease or infection they might be carrying and it becomes clear that if efforts are not made to keep the workplace sanitary more and more employee will start to call in sick.

We have complied a list of 5 tips that can help you keep your office clean and free from all sorts of infections. This tips are for the managers, people in charge with cleaning and individuals who can attempt to practice some of the things mentioned below and become an example for others.[checklist]

  • Disinfect:  It is a good ideas to mop the floor with a disinfectant liquid at least twice a day. Disinfection can also be applied on the tables and desks and around the cubicles using a disinfective spray. If your office does not provide such disinfectives then raise a request to your supply manager to get one for at least your desk or cubicle and use it on a daily basis.
  • Personal Hygiene: Practice and encourage others to invest time and money in personal hygiene. Habits such as washing of hands after using the rest room goes a long way from keeping an infection from spreading. Tell your manager (or if you are the manager then do this yourself) to start awareness program for employees. This won’t take much time and there are already many free power point presentations available on the internet regarding personal hygiene that can be used to have an engaging, interactive and effective session.
  • Public Areas: You can use tissue papers and sanitizer to clean the area that is used frequently by others such as door knobs, keyboards and fridge handle before  touching them with your hands as such objects have a tendency to pass on germs. Don’t worry if this feels a little nerdy and turn heads as people might find it strange at first but they will appreciate the fact that you care about cleanliness,
  • Sanitizing Wipes: Keep sanitizing wipes in the restrooms and kitchens and encourage people to use it every time they use restrooms and kitchen. Often germs and bacteria’s are spread from one place to another by human touch and sanitizing wipes can take care of it in a matter of seconds.. They don’t cost much and will go a long way in keeping the workplace away  from diseases.
  • Commercial Cleaners: It will be a good idea to get the workplace routinely cleaned by commercial cleaners. They do cost a little but they will clean your office thoroughly. Even if your office is cleaned regularly by the office cleaners it is still advisable to get it cleaned by professionals every now and then. The products and methods used by such commercial cleaners often make the workplace feeling fresh and new.[/checklist]

Hopefully your current office already practices some of the things that have been advised here but if not then don’t worry and just remember to do the things that you can do by yourself such as practicing personal hygiene and using sanitizing wipes and try to lead by example. You can also try talking to the management about realizing the tips given here.  It is important to not worry yourself to sick about such things. If you practice good hygiene and keep your surroundings clean you can lower the chances of catching any germs that might be there in the rest of the office.

Workplace Sanitary
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It is important to mention here that if your office doesn’t utilizes the services of a commercial cleaner then everyone working in the office is at risk and you must request your managers to get the office cleaned by professionals routinely. They clean every inch of the workplace from desks to floors to ceilings to equipment to kitchens to restrooms. They also clean curtains and other interior objects that might be breading germs.

Among other tips, perhaps the most important one is the one regarding spreading awareness among employees. The more people know and learn the importance of keeping the workplace clean the easier it will be to convince the management to take some concrete  steps to make sure the office is always clean and germ free.

Well there you had it. Five tips that will help you keep the workplace sanitized and free from infections. Good luck and we sincerely hope that you won’t fall sick again in your office again.

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