5 Benefits of Stomach Massage for Weight Loss and Metabolism


There are few things in this world that are quite as beneficial and relaxing as a good massage.  All kinds of massages are beneficial, be it in a relaxing massage recliner or in a fancy massage parlor.

New research has linked different kinds of massages to having physical benefits as well.  For example, the abdominal massage is now known to accelerate weight loss and increase our base metabolism.

This does not mean that you stop your healthy diet and exercise routine and get a massage only to lose weight.  The abdominal massage acts more like a catalyst which increases the effect of your healthy diet and exercise regime.

There are numerous ways how a stomach massage is linked to promoting weight loss and increasing metabolism. We are going to talk about five of the most important ways.


Promotes Digestion

An abdominal massage is done in circular motions on our abdominal area.  These circular motions are great for regulating the blood circulation in this part of our body. When blood circulation is increased, the exchange of nutrients between the digestive system and the blood vessels in also increased.  This is why our body is able to digest well after receiving a stomach massage.


Optimized Stomach Functions

The increase of blood flow in the abdomen also has another great advantage. It helps our stomach function much more optimally than it would otherwise. Greater stomach functionality helps it to break down food more and release more energy, which helps in increasing the base rate if our metabolism.

This isn’t beneficial only for our stomach; in fact, all our digestive organs take advantage from the improved blood circulation and function better than they used to.


Reduces Bloating

We feel bloated when a lot of waste products accumulate in our body and hinder our metabolism. This makes us feel ill and lethargic.

After a good abdominal massage session, not only are the food products processed faster but also the toxins and the other waste is broken down efficiently. When this waste leaves our body, our base metabolism increases and further weight loss is stimulated.


Increases Muscle Tone

New research has also come across another great link between abdominal massage and fitness.  Apparently getting massaged in your abdominal area frequently can also increase your muscle tone. So if you are working hard for some abdominal muscles to finally start peeking out of your rolls of fat, you might just need a good stomach massage to stimulate them.


Burns Fat

As we mentioned before, you should not give up on your diet and exercise routine and rely on massages only for weight loss. Though we still hold true to that statement, we cannot deny the fact that there has been a link established between regular abdominal massages and breakdown of excess fat. So maybe if you do start getting regular stomach massages, you just might achieve the weight loss and body goals you have been working on for so long!


About the Author:

Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and traveling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She recently published a list of the best blogs for yoga education.


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