Protect yourself from lower respiratory infections in 5 ways



Respiratory organs of a human body are responsible the breathing of the body, i.e. intake of oxygen an exhale of carbon-dioxide, water vapour and other toxicities produced by the body. Lower respiratory organs consist of airways and the lungs. Infections of the lower respiratory organs lead to diseases such as influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy and tuberculosis. One can protect himself from such infections by taking the following measures.

Ways to protect from lower respiratory infections

  1. Avoiding Harsh Weather: Harsh weathers, such as extreme cold or extreme heat often lead to fall in the immunity of the human body and fast multiplication of disease causing virus and bacteria. So, to avoid infection of the respiratory organs one must avoid severe cold or severe hot weather. Also, abrupt climatic changes see the abnormal increase of disease causing germs. Therefore, one must be extremely cautious when a climatic change is on the anvil. During climatic change, one must dress according to the need of the time, take food and drinks that are best suited for the weather condition and, if possible, adjust the room temperature and humidity that is ambient to suit the external climatic condition.
  2. Vitamin D ingestion: Research suggests that people with lower Vitamin D level are often susceptible to respiratory, especially lower respiratory, infection related diseases. Sufficient and habitual ingestion of doses Vitamin D can help to prevent cold related diseases. It has been observed that during winter, when level of Vitamin D within human body is lower, attack of infection in the lower respiratory tract increases manifold. It has also been observed that people with higher level of Vitamin D in their constitution, even if attacked with lower respiratory infection, often recover within a very short time. Therefore, it is suggestible that regular ingestion of Vitamin D lowers the risk of lower respiratory infection.
  3. Avoiding frequent usage of Antibiotics: Antibiotics are drugs that prevent the growth of bacteria, often killing the residual germs in human body. They are very useful for quick and complete recovery from bacteria borne ailments such as pleurisy and tuberculosis, but are futile in curbing virus borne diseases like influenza and common cold. Therefore, in latter cases use of such medicines should be avoided. Also, in case of other bacterial illness, use of such drugs must be very carefully done, as suggested by and similar health tip sites. It has been observed that unscrupulous usage of antibiotics lead to evolution of drug resistant strain of infecting bacteria. It is often difficult to cure persons infected with such strains. Therefore, extreme precaution must be taken while using such medications.
  4. Intake of Vitamin C: Regular intake of vitamin C or ascorbic acid increases the immunity of the body and prevents diseases like common cold. Common cold, though a viral infection of the upper respiratory organs, often lead to more serious lower respiratory diseases such as influenza and bronchitis. Such, avoiding common cold can indirectly protect one from lower respiratory tract diseases.
  5. Avoiding Vicinity of Infected People: Most of the lower respiratory infection germs are air borne. Therefore, direct contact or even nearness to people infected with diseases such as influenza, pleurisy or tuberculosis increases the risk of contacting the diseases. So, in order to avoid such disease, a normal healthy person should avoid the proximity with such infected persons. Even if closeness cannot be avoided, extreme precaution such as using mask and gloves, frequently washing hands and taking bath, must be taken. Also, people infected with such diseases should be housed in isolated places, where the population is not so dense. These sanctuaries must be airy and dry. Because, it has been observed closed confined rooms and damp surroundings often aggravate such diseases, while enhancing the change of diseases causing germs to multiply at a very rapid pace.



So, we can conclude that health habits, right food and correct precaution can protect one from infection in lower respiratory organs. Dreaded diseases such as pleurisy and tuberculosis can be easily avoided with such measures.

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