6 Simple but Powerful Things Contributing to a Healthier and Happier Life


It might sound quite strange and unlikely, but the truth is that health and wellness bear a lot more than mere physical strength and resilience (though these are the two basic constituents!). So, here are these 6 Simple but Power Things Contributing to a Healthier and Happier Life.

1          Resort to “Primal Diet”

In the realm of common sense, best diet should be the one that has led human race this far, one which has been there for the longest period of time through human evolution. This is simply because human beings have been evolved and adapted best to consume this diet. Research has proven that foods comprising this “Primal Diet” including fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and beans, eggs, meat and fish help in optimal survival and progress of human body. It will also prove helpful in slashing the risk of illness like diabetes and heart diseases. So, instead of devising a diet under the influence of dietary misinformation and marketing hype, resorting to “primal diet” has countless benefits for you.

2          Staying hydrated for better health

When it comes to optimal health and wellness of human beings, significance of hydration is beyond measure, also because two-third of our body is comprised of water. In fact, water performs a plethora of functions for our bodies, from something as meagre as serving solvents and nutrients’ carrier to as complex as body temperature regulation and detoxification. Keeping your body essentially hydrated has profound impacts on overall energy and vitality of human body as well.

3          Let the sunlight “Enlighten” your body and mind

Sunlight has so much to offer us, from bettering our skin and bones to reducing risk of several major health implications like osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis, as well as several fatal illnesses like heart diseases and various forms of cancer. According to research, sunlight helps our body make essential quantities of Vitamin D as long as our shadow remains shorter than our actual body length. So, while over exposing to sun is to be avoided, make sure that your body gets lots of sunlight all year long, especially in winter.

4          Sleep to reap ……… countless health benefits!

Human body, being the most prolific and efficient machine ever to be seen, needs time to revitalise and recuperate, just like any other machinery. And nature has devised sleep as the best way to help human bodies do so, to optimise physically as well as mentally during this interval. Unfortunately, our contemporary lifestyles do not support us in having optimal sleep (around 8 hours per day for healthy adults); in fact, it goes conversely. That is why it is important to resort to better sleeping habits, more like lifestyle enhancement rather than a periodical remedial measure.

5          Walk your way out of illnesses!

No matter how strange it sounds, it is as true as it can get. You don’t need to rigorously workout 5 hours a day in the gym to claim health and fitness (though it packs unimaginable health benefits for you); studies believe regular walk is also highly beneficial to improve your health. According to experts, aerobic activities as simple and convenient as walking can also impact your health positively, helping you with general mood and health uplifts to fending off risks of chronic diseases, anxiety and mental illnesses.

6          A little appreciation and random acts of kindness go a long way

Yes, you read it right; appreciating others and being kind to them holds the potential to empower you mentally as well as physically. You don’t have to donate all of your earnings to underprivileged like Bill Gates (though there’s no comparison to his generosity and kindness, as proved by his philanthropist acts!) to earn their respect and your own mental peace and tranquillity. Something as little as leaving your seat in a crowded train for elderly and guiding a stranded tourist to his destination are equally rewarding for your mental and physical uplifting.

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Passionate about reading, writing, workout and sleeping, Leslie Crown is a happily raising her two kids in suburbs of London. Being a part of medical profession for long time, she loves sharing useful and helpful information to web surfers on popular online platforms .

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