Why Laser Hair Removal Could Change Your Life


There are many ways to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. Most treatments produce results that are only temporary and therefore require regular reapplication. With laser hair removal, however, the results are permanent. The treatment prevents hair re-growing and allows you to stop the endless cycle of shaving or waxing, thus saving both time and money.

Laser treatment works by the application of a laser to an area of unwanted hair growth. The laser follows melanin, which is a dark pigment that colours hair, to the root of the hair follicle. At the root, the laser applies heat energy to the hair follicle, permanently damaging it. Laser treatment is generally pain free and can be successful over a course of six treatments.

The success of laser hair removal is in part due to timing. A series of simple treatments carried out over a period of a few months allow the hair follicles to be caught at different stages of their growth. This produces a phased reduction in the rate the body hair grows at and ultimately leads to skin with a permanently smooth look and feel.

Removing unwanted body hair by laser treatment is almost always a relatively painless experience. Skin, on the area treated, can be left a little red after treatment, which is normal and disappears after a day. It is also important that people undergoing a course of treatment keep out of direct, strong sunlight and that they use SPF 30 to shield areas being treated. For the perfect result, the full course of recommended treatments should be completed.

Having laser hair removal can, quite literally, be a life changing experience. Take, for instance, the results of a recent survey of the beneficial results of laser hair removal. One case described how a twenty-something man had recently had a course of treatment to remove unsightly hair on his chest and back. Now, for the first time in his adult life, he was looking forward to being able to take his T-shirt off on holiday. Six sessions of treatment have given him back his self-confidence.

In another case, a lady explained the effect that having laser hair removal had on her. Her body hair was thick, dark and grew rapidly. She thought herself ‘unsightly’ and did not wish to be seen out in public. The result of her course of treatment, she concluded, was simply ‘fantastic’ and the ‘best thing’ she had ever done in her life. For the first time, she no longer felt unattractive or ashamed.

Laser hair treatment is now a more affordable option to many people, as there are several financing plans available to those wishing to invest in the treatment. With so many advantages to having the treatment, such as improved self-confidence and no longer having to waste time removing hair, it makes sense to consider laser treatment today.

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Emma Wilkins has is looking to boost her self-confidence and has recently been looking for laser hair removal in London

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