Stay Healthy With These Regular Checkups


There are quite a few things a person can do to stay healthy. Eating the proper foods and staying active can help overall health. Another important factor in remaining healthy is to get regular checkups to detect any potential illness or disease. Early detection is often the first defense in treating serious conditions.

Physical Exam

Even a relatively healthy person should visit his or her doctor once every year or two for a physical exam. A thorough physician will include blood-work and a detailed examination of all body systems. This is especially important in the early detection of several conditions that may not present with symptoms in their initial stages. Such diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers. If any signs of these illnesses are discovered, the doctor may either begin treatment or refer the patient to a specialist.

Gender-Specific Checkups

Because there are physical differences between men and women, certain vital checkups are specific to their individual organs. These checkups may be part of the physical exam or may be performed by a specialist.

Male-Specific Checkups

Starting at 40 years old, men should have a prostate exam either at their physical or at an appointment set up specifically for it. This examination is performed by the doctor who digitally palpates the prostate via the rectum. Many men delay this test because of embarrassment. However, they need to understand that it is very important in detecting any problems, especially prostate cancer.

Female-Specific Checkups

Women should begin having checkups with a gynecologist at 18 years old or sooner if they are sexually active at an earlier age. At this yearly exam, the specialist will check the cervix with a pap smear to detect any abnormalities, infections or cancerous cells. He or she will also exam the breasts for any lumps or nodules. When a woman reaches the age of 40 or 45, depending on family history, she will also be giving a mammogram, a special x-ray of the breasts to detect tumors or cysts.

Dental Checkup

Yearly dental checkups are important to keep the mouth healthy. During these visits, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and x-rays are taken to detect any problems, such as cavities, cracks, or root problems. Sometimes a tooth may need to be repaired, pulled or have a root canal performed on it. The more invasive procedures are can be performed by a sedation dentist such as sedation a dentist in appleton who will sedate the patient to make him or her more comfortable.

Regular checkups are key to helping a person live a full, healthy life. If a visit to the doctor has not occurred within the last few years, it is time to make the call to set up an appointment


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