About DFB

In a world tormented by diseases that ar over 90%, our mission it to:

1. Empower and supply individuals with the required resources prevent disease and effectively control their own health.

2. Give a voice for agencies involved with advising, educating, and informing businesses and professionals concerning the importance of prevention and leading healthy, active lifestyles

Our writers, editors and contributors wade through the net, researching virtually thousands of articles weekly for the foremost correct and reputable health data obtainable. In essence, we glance for the reality concerning what really prevents disease

Daily Fitness Buzz is devoted to delivery you the very best quality health data on the net. It’s our vision to at least one day use preventive education as a vital tool in primary health care worldwide to achieve better health and prevent disease

And we have the technology to publicize this knowledge across the globe. So why are so many of us dying from preventable conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer? : If your mind any questions please feel free contact us page