5 Ways to Treat Bunion Without Surgery

5 Ways to Treat Bunion without surgery

Your foot becomes deformed when it has a bunion. It is manifested by the misalignment of the metatarsal bone. This bone is an elongated bone of your feet which is behind the toe. Various factors are responsible for the deformation of your feet that lets bunion slid out from your toe. The formation of the bunion is due to swelling in the tissue of the toe base. They are extremely painful and cause a lot of discomfort. Besides, they interrupt daily functions and activities.

There are bountiful of causes of bunion high-heels and tight-fitted shoes are one of them. The toe grows unusually from the outer side and forms a bunion. The skin is generally red and tender of that toe. Bunions can also develop from previous foot injuries and sometimes are because of hereditary. Moreover, several other factors can a cause of bunions is as follows:

High heels – Wearing heels put all the stress on the toes which can lead to bunions

Ill-fitting shoes – People especially women who wear too tight, narrow, or pointed shoes are at risk for bunion formation.

Arthritis – The pain and discomfort from arthritis can alter the way to walk and cause a bunion.

Heredity – Bunion can be because of inheritance also. 

Luckily, many exercises can prevent the occurrence of the bunion. Here are the top five ways to shrink your bunion without surgery:

1.Walk barefoot

Take off your shoes and walk barefoot, it will massage your feet. This will help in strengthening the muscles in your toes and feet. Take out about 10-15 minutes every day to do this exercise. You will experience relief in the discomfort and pain within a few weeks of practicing this exercise. It will return the deformed toe base in its proper place and provide huge relief to your foot.

2. Apply ice on the affected area

Applying ice is the best way to reduce pain and inflammation in the bunion. Take some ice cubes in a damp cloth and put it on your affected feet. You are not required to rub or press it hard, just hold the cloth on the bunion for about 10-20 minutes. Repeat this every day, and you will feel the difference in less than a month.

3. Use castor oil

Castor oil is actively used for treating bunion as it helps in reducing pain and inflammation. For better results, take out about 100ml of castor oil and heat it in a pan till it’s lukewarm. Dip a small piece of cloth in warm oil and place it on the bunion. Make sure to wrap it with a dry bandage to keep it warm. The warmth of the oil will help in healing the pain of your toe.  Hold it in castor oilcloth for about 20 -25 minutes and repeat this every consecutive day for optimal results.

4. Bunion splints keep your toes in a natural position

Bunion splints are a type of bunion corrector used to treat a bunion. They help the bone to return to its place and ease up the discomfort of wearing shoes. Firstly, they help in preventing your foot to change position while walking. Secondly, it keeps your toe in the natural position that provides excessive comfort.  There are numerous types of corrector available, you can choose the one that suits you best.

5. Exercise to make your foot muscles stronger

Exercising not only help you strengthen the muscles of your foot, but they also ease the pain and discomfort of bunions. Make sure to perform these exercises with great care to prevent overstretching and burdening your toe.  Here are some exercises that may help your relief your bunion:

  • Toe contracting and flexing

In order to flex and stretch your toe, press your toe hard against the wall or some other hard surface. Hold this position for about 15 seconds and repeat it four times. After that, flex your toe in the exact opposite direction for 15 seconds and repeat it four times.

  • Toe stretches

Toe stretches help in offsetting foot pain. For stretching, point your toe straight and hold for 10 seconds, then curl under and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat it at least 10 times a day for relief.

  • Ball roll

Massage the bottom of your foot using a golf ball. For doing this, lie down and place a golf ball at the bottom of your foot. Roll the ball under your foot for about two minutes. Repeat these three times a day.

  • Towel curls

Towel curls are one of the best exercises for strengthening your toe muscles. To perform this exercise, spread a small towel and place your foot over it. Now, curl one end of the towel to your toe and starts pulling it upwards. Repeat it three times.

Conclusion :

We have discussed a few remedies to shrink bunion without surgeries. If you experience any other severe symptoms, then it’s better to consult a doctor.

Author Bio: Rohit Bimbrahw is currently working as the Project Manager at Home HealthCare Shoppe; he believes that with great health and well-being, anyone can live a fun and purposeful life.

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