What is Flow? And how does it help Happiness and Performance?


Flow is mental state of operation in which a person performing the activity is fully immersed with a feeling of involvement, enjoyment, and energy. Flow has different definitions across different parts of the world. Another definition of flow is related to motivation. Flow is Single mindedness that helps to represent the ultimate experience for harnessing the emotions, in service of learning and performing. The major attribute of flow is the feeling of joy while performing any task.

In other definitions, flow is described as an activity that is related to deep focus only. The attributes of flow are similar to that of positive aspects of hyper focus, but hyper focus is only described in universally glowing terms whereas flow is described as in emotions and well being of person by Flow centre. Flow is basically something that we can control. We can find number of ways to achieve flow and therefore we can find different ways to improve performance. If you wish to achieve flow then your tasks should have following characteristics, according to the flow centre:

  • Potential for Completion: You must have a realistic chance to complete your task on strict phase of time.
  • Concentration: You need to create silence or isolation in the environment near to you, so that you can concentrate easily.
  • Clear Goals: Your goals must be clear enough and you should know that what you are going to achieve. You must clearly measure your achievement.
  • Immediate feedback: You get to know in a moment that how well you are doing the task and will you be able to complete on time. Provide the feedback to yourself immediately.
  • Control: You must have the sense of control over your actions.

A flow centre also plays an important role to make people achieve flow in their life and feel happy. This also contributes in improving their performances. A flow centre is capable enough to help people in achieving flow and therefore improve their performance in life. This will automatically improve their performance. All you need to do is to look for a good flow centre that will help in you in achieving some flow in your life.

A flow centre teaches flow as a psychological subject so that people take interest in what they learn. Once you have attained flow through different activities that you learn in flow centre, you will see a sudden and positive change in your life. You will find yourself very cool minded and relaxed person. This is what the benefit is in joining a flow centre. A good flow centre will help you to get expert trainings so that it becomes easy for you to achieve flow in your life.

The flow centre also helps a person to achieve perfect level of self esteem, contentment and confidence through different activities that are the part of flow centre. These activities automatically enhance the individual performance and therefore help in all round development of individual. So make sure that you choose a right flow centre to get flow in your life.



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