The 3 Keys to Health by Dr. Matous Bursik


“It is health, that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver”


When people speak of our “Health Care System” it is almost always in the context of curing, fixing, or preventing some kind of illness. As such it should really be called the ‘illness treatment and prevention system.” Not to say that treating illness is not valuable; it is—But it is not the same as Creating Health.

As a Medical Doctor who has practiced medicine over 12 years, I found this quite a curious anomaly. I knew the process of thousands of illness and how to ‘fix’ them, but could not really answer the simple question ‘What is Health?’ – What underpins the intelligence that creates health in living things?   Several years ago, I began a quest to answer this question, and find how we can use the answer to create healthy lives.

I discovered that Health was where our value lies. It is what gives us freedom of action to fallow our dreams, the ability to build successful relationships and find Joy in our lives.

In this article, I would like to share a little of what I have discovered. I would like to tell you about the THREE KEYS of Health, which life uses to create healthy living systems. Pieces of intelligence that we require to create healthy lives.


The first Key to Health is; Meaning.

Any living individual that is healthy, has an innate meaning that is expressed in the world as their unique purpose.

When we look at ‘Cells’ the basic units of life, we see that this holds true. Heart cells contract the heart and pump the blood around the body, so as to supply it with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Brain cells, ‘think’ and organize the body along healthy pathways. Liver cells detoxify the body, eliminating substances that would do it harm. Lungs, ensure oxygen supply for the body which it needs for its function, and muscle cells move the body. This list goes on.

There are about 200 different types of cells in the human body, and all of them have a unique meaning, that lay the foundations for the creation of a healthy body. Once cells loose meaning, for example, Cancer or infectious cells—they become unhealthy causing illness.

Similarly, we can consider ourselves as individual units of life, in a social body of millions of people, and part of the natural world made up of billions of life forms which make up the global body- ‘Planet Earth’.  We too have an innate meaning within us, that can be expressed as a unique purpose. It is this unique purpose that sets the stage for you to be able to create our lives in a healthy manner. So the question arises; do you know your meaning? Your purpose? Your Health Creation begins with its discovery.


 The second Key to Health is Balance.

When you look at the cells of the human body they have to balance many elements so that Health prevails in their expression.  Nutrition and oxygen being absorbed and utilized have to be balanced. Vitamins and minerals have to be present in balanced levels in the body for the cellular function to be optimal. As organs systems, our cells balance our blood pressure, our heart rate, and our temperature.

If these balance points are significantly disrupted —Illness arises.

We as individuals also have to find balance in our lives. Between activity and rest. Between nutrient intake and exercise. The levels of sunlight exposure. As human beings, we also require psychological Balance; How much we give and how much we receive. How fast we extend ourselves to ‘grow’, but not too fast, so as not to break.

When we find balance in our lives, both physically and psychologically we create the stability and potential in our lives, that is required to take our meaning and flow it into the world. It sets the stage for the third KEY of health to be created.

  • Harmony:

 The Third Key of Health is Harmony

Living organisms grow in a healthy manner through harmonious pathways.

When you look at the cells in our body, they only create health because the many various individual cells which express their unique meaning and are balanced in their expression, relate to other cells in the body in a harmonious manner. Just like an orchestra can create a symphony by the expression of individual instruments playing in harmony, so too cells play in this way to create a human body. The meaning of individual cells harmonizes with the meaning of other healthy cells creating a whole which is more than the sum of its parts—The Human Body. Health creates unity, from diversity.


If cellular Harmony is lost:  Conflict, inflammation, and illness are created.

For our lives to be ‘Healthy’ a similar harmony has to take place in the way we relate to others and our environment. Once we express our unique meaning and come into balance with our selves, others and our environment, we are empowered to become creative in the way we relate to all other living things.  Harmonious actions enable us to create social structures that serve all involved. This creates a whole which is more than the sum of its parts. Instead of battling conflicting relationships, or social wars, we find ourselves building loving relationships, and societies that are unified within their diversity.

Together Meaning, Balance, and Harmony are the Keys that life uses to create healthy expressions in our body, in our minds, in our lives, and on planet Earth as a whole. – I Term this process Vitality: The intelligence of Health flowing as an energy through our lives. The foundation of Your Health Creation.


Author: Dr. Matous Bursik

Website and contact:

His book ‘Your Health Creation’ is available on Amazon.

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Matous Bursik is working as an Emergency Doctor at Manly Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
He studied Science and Medicine at the University of Sydney, and has been practicing as a Medical Doctor for over twelve years, focused on answering the questions;

What is illness?  How can we fix or prevent it?
Several years ago, after a powerful life experience, he began to ask himself another question;

What is heath? How can we create it in our lives?
Helping people to understand and create healthy lives, has been the inspiration that led to the writing of “Your Health Creation”.

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