No success without setbacks


I guess we all have our goals and ideals in our lives. But not everyone goes on to fulfil these dreams. Most of the time, people just give up on realizing their dreams and settle for what’s convenient. Most people choose the safe path because they are too afraid of failing. Everyone is afraid of failure. But if you want to succeed, you have to come to terms with the fact that you have to fail in order to succeed. When you fail, you learn from your mistakes and you will have to find a better way to reach your goals. Besides, success is so much sweeter when you’ve overcome so many setbacks. Just take a good look at these successful and famous guys in this infographic. They became successful and well-known after all, despite a thousand rejections and mistakes. So keep on trying, have the courage and pursue your dreams all the way. Even famous people had it tough.

failure and famous people

Courtesy of: Affordable MBA

This infographic was created by Anne Blair, an aspiring MBA student who believes this degree will help her to succeed. She can’t afford to pay expensive tuition. Therefore she started a blog with reviews of cheap and best MBA programs. Anne’s dream is working for an innovative start-up.


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