Myths and facts about fake tanning


 Few fake tans leave impacts only for the short periods while others containing DHA, i.e. Dihydroxyacetone leave long lasting effects on the skin by changing its colour.

Certain aspects related to the myths and facts about fake tanning are furnished as under –


1. A wait of four hours is compulsory after fake tanning to shower – It all depends as the tanning takes place under the surface of the skin. So there will no be no effect of showering. The matter to be considered here is whether the lotion with the bronzers was used or not as it takes at least four hours for the DHA bronzer to get developed. However, usually it should be left on the skin for about 8 to 12 hours or even up to 24 hours. Hence it is wise to wait for a considerable time after the fake tanning.

2. A girl died after getting tanned for prom at four different salons for twenty minutes each due to overheating in the internal organs – Totally false as it is just not possible because the UV rays do not penetrate the skin.

3. You can tan during pregnancy – True. However, advice from the doctor is always recommended as generally the pregnant women avoid tanning due to the comfort and overheating. It is not only the would-be-mother that gets hot, but the inside- baby too.

Hence, shorter tanning sessions with comfortable devices like fans etc are recommended for the expectant mothers. Some pregnant ladies hesitate fake tanning due to fear of UV rays having excess to the baby, but it is not so as these rays do not penetrate past the skin, hence the baby remains protected. This sensitive issue must be discussed with the doctor.

4. Indoor fake tanning gives more protection than the outdoor tanning – False as both are exposed to their own risks.

5. Indoor fake tanning lotion can be used outside to save from the sun – False as fake tanning cannot give shelter from the sun rays.

6. Do you get protection from the sun by using fake tan – No, not at all as it just changes the skin colour and provides a tanned look to the user. Fake tan is not capable of providing any shelter from the sun. It is similar to SPF4 sunscreen. Moreover, the protection gained through fake tan also does not last long.

7. Do you need to be saved from the sun despite using fake tan – Certainly yes because fake tans do not protect you from effect of the sun rays that can lead to skin cancer when the sun is too hot. Always make use of clothing, shade and SPF15 in addition to the sunscreen to be saved from the excessive heat and sunburn.

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