Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis – Advantages and Disadvantages


The removal of unwanted hair is a major concern for both men and women and this battle is fought every day. However, many women seem to be in the forefront and especially when it comes to the unsightly hair that grows in all the wrong areas including legs and hands. Laser hair removal and electrolysis have become the most popular hair removal methods today replacing the traditional treatments such as hair plucking, shaving and removal creams among others.

These traditional methods only guarantee temporal results in addition to the side effects associated with them and this has led to their unpopularity. However, many people always wonder which method to opt for between laser and electrolysis hair removal and it is worth noting that these two have their own pros and cons. Below is a guide into the advantages and disadvantages associated with these two methods.

Laser hair removal

This hair removal method is particularly advantageous due to its low cost and thus popular among many people. It is performed using a unique laser which targets the dark pigment of the hair follicles and specifically melanin. Melanin is located in the dark toned hair pigments and therefore it is highly effective among patients with darker hair that contains more melanin. However, those with fair hair with less melanin will not see stellar results. This is because the laser light used in the treatment does not distinguish between the melanin found under the skin and that found in the hair follicles.

During the treatment, the laser normally targets the two namely the skin and the hair in the dark haired people. This could cause some minor side effects including blistering, burns, skin discoloration and scarring in some cases. Lighter skinned patients with dark colored hair will find the procedure easy and effective. This is not a problem when it comes to electrolysis hair removal. Laser hair removal is however not the solution if you are seeking for a permanent hair removal treatment. The method is semi-permanent and does not get rid of all the unwanted hair. The procedure requires repeated treatments if the desired results are to be obtained.


This hair removal method is the sole FDA approved method that promises to remove your unwanted hair permanently. Electrolysis embraced advanced technology and can be used safely on all the different parts of the body where this unsightly hair is located. Electrolysis is different from laser hair removal in that the former doesn’t target the hair in particular but the hair follicles. Low energy electrical current is directed towards the hair follicle roots destroying them thus making it hard for growth to reoccur.

The advantage of electrolysis is that it works with all the different kinds of hair and skins and is completely safe. It can be used to remove blond, gray, brunette and coarse hair among others. You will however find the method a little bit expensive but this is compensated for by the permanent and safe results you get.

In conclusion

With the above in mind, it is important to note that the effectiveness and the quality of results is determined by a number of factors. First, you will need to employ the services of a licensed professional for safety and quality results. The prices might vary from one clinic to the other and this will also be determined by the size of the area that requires treatment.

Author Bio :- Julie Roy is writing on behalf of CoLaz Beauty Salon they offer Electrolysis Hair Removal at London Paddington, Slough, Southall and Hounslow.

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