Jogging and Cycling: The Ultimate Lower Body Workouts


For upper body workouts, you really need to lift weights. With pull-up bars and the like, it is possible to lift just your body weight, but you are really better off to use free weights or machines. If you want to get a lower-body workout, though, you do not need any of this fancy equipment. Running and biking are still the ultimate workouts for all of the muscle groups in your legs, especially when you combine them. As an added bonus, both of these types of exercise are also good for your cardiovascular system.

Power From Jogging

If you get a home treadmill and start jogging every day, you can build a lot of power in your legs. Every step that you take is essentially a small jump; running is just the act of leaping from one foot to the other. You always have to use the muscles in just one leg to propel yourself into the air. You then use the muscles in the other leg to catch yourself, and you shift very quickly over to propulsion in that same leg. If you look at your body weight, you are lifting it in quick spurts with every step, which is what builds explosive power.

Endurance From Biking

Biking does not create this type of explosion, but it is very good for building up endurance. People typically bike for longer than they run. Your muscles are used over a long span of time, at a set speed. This helps you get used to working out when you are already tired. It helps your muscles adjust so that they can keep going when they are wearing down. This type of development is also crucial for many athletic pursuits.

Weight Loss and Muscle Definition

On top of that, both biking and jogging can be used to lower your overall weight and help build muscle definition. As your weight goes down, you will get faster and more athletic. Your cardiovascular system will perform better since it does not have to support such a large frame. These things can make you feel better when you exercise, especially when combined with both types of muscle growth that were discussed above.

Start Your New Workout Plan Today

If you are thinking about getting in shape and you are looking for the ultimate lower body workouts, do not let infomercials confuse you. The best exercise that you can get is still the traditional exercise that people have been enjoying for years. If you start biking and jogging today, you will see a transformation that starts in your legs and spreads to your core and the rest of your body. Consistent exercise will give you the best results.

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