How to stay stylish while you exercise


Your workout clothes should be comfortable, breathable and easy to move in but nowhere does it say they have to be unflattering, grey or baggy. Wearing great clothes and having fun with fashion while working out is a fantastic motivator, encouraging you to exercise and keeping energy levels high while you work out. Gyms and other public exercise spaces encourage us to dress well and look our best even if we’re getting a little sweaty. In fact exercising can be quite sexy so showing off your body in some stylish pieces is appropriate.

Sportswear and fashion has a long running love affair; top fashion designers like Stella McCartney, Michael Kors and Cynthia Rowley have all designed sportswear lines while many classic sportswear materials such as jersey and Elastane are now staples of in regular clothing lines. A fusion of fashion and sportswear known as Sports Luxe has enjoyed many revisions over the years frequently taking over the catwalk and high street windows. Staying fashionable during your workout is now so easy that it’s almost required.


  • Racer back tops are really comfortable and easy to wear during exercise because the straps never fall down unlike tank tops that are prone to slipping over your shoulders. They’re also quite sexy, showing off your back in a way that it isn’t usually displayed, presenting your shoulder blades and curving down your spine in an elegant line. Specially engineered polyester such as Power Dry ‘wicks’ sweat from your body keeping you looking dry throughout your workout and fresh-looking on your way home from the gym ensuring under-arm stains never spoil your look.
  • Netball dresses are designed for wear during netball practice and games but are so cute and flirty they transition well into fashion wear. The skirt length tends to quite short, making this quite a girly, feminine look. Sportswear is definitely an opportunity to wear day-glo neon colours which look lively but also keep you safe if you’re running outside. Team a bright netball style dress with a visor for a run in the park or to go to a barbeque.
  • Yoga pants look fantastic if you’ve got good legs and a good bum. The stretchy material hugs your figure and flatters any form. You buy these in a fitted or boot-cut style, depending on your tastes and confidence. Black racing stripes running down the outside will slim your legs significantly and keep you bang on trend.
  • Retro sportswear comes in and out fashion; a few years ago it was leg warmers, more recently varsity jackets have enjoyed a renaissance. Picking up a piece like this every few years will keep your gym wardrobe looking edgy and on trend as well as fun.


  • A yoga mat is the ultimate fashion accessory for gym bunnies. They’re very versatile, making a good base for a number of exercise routines other than yoga and pilates. Pilates mats tend to be slightly thicker and therefore more comfortable but you’ll probably want a bag to carry it around in as it can be bulky. You can now buy mats with fantastic designs on, making you the most fashionable of the fashion folk in the yoga studio.
  • iPod shuffles are perfect for listening to music while you work out. Apple always design attractive looking hardwear and the lightweight design along with the handy clip-on back allows total freedom of movement. Listening to music at the gym will make the time pass faster and is a great conversation starter too.
  • Running shoes may not seem the most fashionable footwear but high tech trainers with features you can boast about are very cool. What’s not cool is getting blisters, back trouble or pulled muscles from inappropriate or worn about shoes. A fresh looking pair of runners will finish off any workout outfit perfectly.

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