How to quit smoking???


Quitting any kind of bad habit is not easy. Especially when it is found to be the most addicting habit in the world. And the longer you indulge in it the harder the task becomes of quitting. With all the ban on smoking in different places and ad campaigns which are run on television, radio and newspaper one definitely understand the toll this habit can have on his life not just health wise but in a long run financially too. It also does give you a reason to quit when you know that it is not just hurting you but also your loved ones with whom you share your roof. Hence one finally does decide on quitting this really bad habit. But the question still stands on how to quit this habit? So let’s take a look at few different ways of doing so.

Cold Turkey

Quitting this bad habit the old turkey way is not the most effective way but usually many people start this way when they decide on quitting. The main reason behind that is that all you have to do is decide whether you want to quit or not and from when and then just execute that plan. It isn’t that simple since you need to be very committed and focused to quit and usually not everyone is successful in quitting cold turkey due to their addiction level is really high. But even if one fails to quit cold turkey he or she would definitely from that realize how addicting smoking is and next time when they will try to quit they will do it in a more serious manner.

Try an e cigarette

These days’ electronic cigarettes are the way to go. There are many green smoke reviews

 That state that using this many people have been able to let go of the habit. They are not harmful and give the body a controlled amount of nicotine.

Talk to a doctor

While going at it alone is never a good plan but it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. He might be able to give you an idea on how to execute your plan by able to create a time table or a table of some sort to help you slowly but surely giving away smoking. They can also help you with different kind of medical nicotine pills that can be found in the market these days. And the best thing is they always have samples for different substitutes for nicotine that they can provide you with for free to help you quit smoking.


Throughout the whole period of time when you do decide on cessation of your habit, be positive about and don’t have second thoughts and believe in yourself that once you do quit you will never smoke again. Jot down all the reasons why you are quitting this habit and also jot down how quitting will affect your health and your life. Therefore whenever you have a doubt or have a very bad urge to smoke all you do is you pick that paper up and give a good read through that list. Also it would be advisable to keep a journal on how you are feeling after quitting the habit of smoking.

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