How to check hearing loss?


Hearing loss is the problem exists when there is a decline in sensitivity to the sounds we normally heard. It is the third most common problem among the people in the whole world. This problem gradually occurs by the age but also found among the youngsters and children for several reasons. Experts in the field believe that heredity, ear wax blockage and chronic exposure to loud noises are the main factors contributing to damage the natural ability of listening.

A hearing test is an important step to check the presence of any type of depletion in the sense of hearing. Visiting an audiologist and test your hearing will help to know the ease or extent of loss you have towards the sounds. Don’t hesitate or delay sharing your problem with the doctor or the expert in the field. They are able to find the appropriate and suitable solution for you according to the vicinity of impairment.

Be open to discuss

The first and most important step towards curing the problem of auditory loss is to be ready for discussing what you are facing daily. Doctors and audiologist are there to handle and solve the situation accordingly. Their aim is to know the complexity of the situation, your genetic history and the overall health. One of the members of the family or any loved one can also elaborate the details. The more information you will provide to the doctor, the more it would be beneficial to him/her to choose the suitable option for the problem.

Once you are open to discuss the problem in detail, it would be very easy to have a positive screening. The levels of testing differ according to the extent of hearing loss every individual having.

Goal of conducting a test

The goal to conduct hearing tests on the person suffering from partial loss in the sense is to find out the extent of the problem. This will block different interrupting sounds from outside and provide the best environment to listen to the sounds comes to you during the test or screening. The uncomfortable loudness level test or UCL is a test in which a headphone is provided. After that, a variety of sounds with different range are passed through those headphones to the ear. This will help to determine at which level or range you are feeling uncomfortable with and at which one you are feeling comfortable.

The frequency and the loudness rise in a slow manner to not to harm the ear drums. This process will provide very useful information to the doctors about the distinct ability towards the sounds. This provides a necessary stuff for further improvement in the treatment of the deafness.

Undoubtedly, test your hearing push you a step forward in the fight against the partial or total deafness. It is true that, the hearing impairment cannot be reverted back but by taking extra measures one can lessen the effect or sometimes cures it completely.

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